Xiaomi Tao China District _ Headquarters team docking! Xiaomi Tao headquarters Bogo

New project, (now just registered inside, officially launched on May 20,

Xiaomi Tao blockchain new gameplay, full / ball head / home (A / Li data team) online Under the combination of Wanjia physical store … …

Three billion groups to create + direct sales brand + 360 degree intelligent scene high-tech technology + e-commerce (super Jingdong Taobao) + APP mobile search direct download government /Fusto support (subsidy 1 billion) + block chain clothing, food and shelter application + entity landing (100,000 square meters of luxury exhibition area) big strength, big trend, small investment earning thousands of long-term pipeline income, static no loss (only 398 million), dynamic various long-term consumption of recurring income, the next hundred times coin … … “Honey coins, international market at the end of June, measure the issue of 1 billion”!

April 11 World WeChat Conference Xiaomi Tao announced the Xiaomi Tao project

Xiaomi Tao on the international trading market at the end of June

Launched the conference on May 20

July China’s second legal digital currency trading center is listed in Hangzhou, and Xiaomi Tao becomes a resident company

Opening a global partnership at the end of July

In October, Xiaomi Tao 2.0 was officially released, and the new retail plan was officially launched.

December Xiaomi Tao Commendation Conference, Tourism Conference

What is Xiaomi Tao?

Xiaomi Tao is a mobile social retail-oriented, seamlessly integrated online store, offline store and unmanned container to form a brand new Scene Wisdom New retail platform. Xiaomi Tao chose to embrace the blockchain, creating a trust and security back/book for social retailing, which is enough to break the current prejudice and cognition of new social retailing. When all merchants are based on blockchain Sharing trust system, based on credit and trust as a bridge, can realize seamless cross-border integration of platforms and jointly create high-quality products. When shoppers share digital value, each consumption can bring benefits to themselves. Naturally Loyalty to a platform.

The boundaries between retail and offline will become increasingly blurred. The contradiction of development is no longer the competition between online and offline. The essence of retail industry is to return to “by” The fee-payer provides services that are more efficient, convenient, and more expensive. While evaluating the quality of a retail model, the standard is also determined by both cost efficiency and shopping experience. The new retail model of blockchain socialization created by Xiaomi Tao will While saving a lot of cost, it will greatly enhance the consumer user experience and meet the customer’s consumer demand. By building a safe, convenient, open and fair, consumer-investment social consumption network, it will give a new definition of social retail and open a new era of consumption.

Next, introduce China Scene Technology Valley, which is the fifth key project of Hangzhou Bay Information Port, by Hangzhou Scene Technology Valley Investment plans to build a 4.0 model industrial park. The infrastructure of the park has been basically completed, and the investment in the light scene technology valley has reached 6.7 billion. It is an industrial park suitable for work, suitable for business, livable, suitable for travel and suitable for learning. Scene Technology Valley is at the center of the Hangzhou Asian Games section, at the G20 summit meeting place, the main venue of the Asian Games —— the Olympic Sports Expo block, covering an area of ​​100,000 square meters. The park will be officially opened on May 1 this year. We will hold a small investment event at that time. The opening ceremony will be held at the top of Zhejiang Province.

Consumption is a partner, peach “ Amoy, the income is inexhaustible, share the blockchain era trillion e-commerce dividend, 2018 steady earn, step by step win


Consumption is a partner

A 100% peach reward for your consumer goods

50% of the consumer goods you are sharing Peach Reward

Entrepreneurship Partner

Promotion Conditions: 398 yuan, you can become a business partner

Get a 398 yuan entrepreneurship spree

Get 398 Peach Awards

Get 100% Peach Rewards for Your Consumer Goods

Get 50% Peach Rewards for Shares of Consumers

Recommend a venture partner to receive 1000 peaches (100 yuan) rewards

Dream Partners

Promotion conditions: direct push 5 people + team 30 people

100% Peach Reward for Your Consumer Goods

Get 50% Peach Reward for Shares of Consumers

Directly Promote 2000 Entrepreneur Partners ( 200 yuan) peach reward

own recommended venture partnership The team then recommends entrepreneurial partners, each of which can receive 1,000 (100 yuan) peach rewards

The recommended dream partners recommend entrepreneurial partners, each can get 200 (20 yuan) A peach reward

Holding a peach can participate in the platform profit dividend, becoming a Xiaomitao shareholder written on the blockchain, the peach is replaced by 0.1 yuan/piece in the early stage, and the value is increased by a hundred times in the later stage. Space!

Let’s compare the difference between Xiaomi Tao and other platforms:

1. Xiaotaotao is a new social retail platform that truly applies blockchain technology. (Shoppers can get rewards for digital asset tokens when shopping on the platform or inviting friends to shop. Token can be used not only for goods.Deduction, holding and opportunity to share the benefits of soaring platform value, real consumption is)

2, the platform through the online mall, offline stores, plus unmanned intelligent vending terminals, form a Consumer network.

3, the product is the Netease strict selection route, good products, not expensive!

4, the reward mechanism is different (he has me excellent, I have him).

5,. Enterprises with direct sales licenses, safe and worry-free, long-term stability, so that efforts have accumulated.

6, the timing, the app only went online in a few days, the market space is large, has not started, let us win at the starting line!

In a word to talk about Xiaotaotao mode It is consumer entrepreneurship.

There is no need to change the brand, no need to change the consumption habits, just change the daily consumption to the cheaper and more secure Xiaomi Tao Mall consumption, and upgrade from the consumer to the consumer. Save money for your own use, share and make money!

Join Xiaotaotao and organize your resources into a learning and self-use team to create a legal, reliable and hereditary wealth pipeline. p>

Team Strength

Our team’s daily training is complete and detailed, allowing each agent to be small White quickly became a big coffee!

First. We have a strong gold medal instructor group;

second. We have our own dedicated news promotion platform,

third. Join all members of our team to enjoy the promotion policy,

Fourth. The team’s two sessions a day make it easy for you to make big coffee,

fifth. The team backed up to hold more than 3,000 network promotion companies to lay the foundation, and help each member to do it. We are the support that all the micro-business teams can’t give. Learn more, please join us, all the support policies of our team let us You develop a lot, teach you how to post on Baidu, and search on the dog. Xiaomi Tao official docking WeChat: QQ9968134

Xiaomitao official website national market report center micro-signal: QQ9968134

Xiaomi Tao National Operation Center _ one-handed docking _ Xiaomi Tao to undertake the national team docking

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