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Xiaomi Life Circle Public Platform is a mobile internet platform under the jurisdiction of Shanghaikouyi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. It is an online O2O sharing economic function operation platform developed by Shanghaikou Yiye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Through the sharing of users in Xiaomi Life Circle, we can create big data and graft it in many fields such as shared bicycles, shared cars and functional O2O food fields. The company is responsible for the complete operation management and technical support of Xiaomi Life Circle, and is committed to creating a green and convenient O2O sharing Xiaomi life circle. Team Leader WeChat: QQ9349146

Zhejiang Zhuoji Network Technology Co., Ltd., June 2, 2017 in Hangzhou The Singapore Science and Technology Park in Jianggan District was established with a registered capital of 80 million and the legal representative Lin Tongbing. Under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Mouth Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., responsible for the operation and promotion of Xiaomi Life Circle and shared motorcycles “Dangdang Travel” APP, as well as the first phase of market launch of vehicles and maintenance equipment, the second phase of shared cars, the third phase of intelligent farms

It is impossible for buses and subways in the city to take the bus directly from the doorstep and sit on the bus. The subway needs to walk a certain distance to reach the nearby bus station or subway station. When taking the bus, especially during the peak hours of commuting; it is necessary to wait, after all, driving on the road, so it will be affected by road traffic, resulting in station and station time. The interval is relatively long; there are also problems of walking to the beginning and the end. The subway needs to go down the stairs again and again, and then go through the security check, and then wait for the subway train to arrive. During the peak period of commuting, you have to go along with the crowd of black people, and you are crowded into the subway. It’s good to be able to grab the handrails. When you get off the subway train, you still have to walk forward and climb the stairs. You may have to walk a distance to get to your destination.

Taxi still needs to wait, especially the peak of work, sometimes a few people grab a car, so It is said that there is a new thing to make up for this piece, but it also needs to wait. At the same time, taxis or drips are wasted on the road because they are driving on the road, which is a waste of time. Some friends say that it is better to take an electric car than to take a taxi. Fast. There is also the cost of money is relatively expensive, it is impossible for an ordinary office worker to bear the daily taxi fare.

Private cars With the development of society, private cars are no longer a new word, almost adults With one car, the private car has a good experience and a high degree of freedom. However, as the concentration of vehicles increases, the traffic burden is too heavy, resulting in congestion and increased time costs. Even if you drive to your destination, the parking space may be full, and the parking space is limited. The private car that originally brought you a high level of experience becomes a burden. Even if you have a parking space, you need to pay a monetary cost to take up limited time. This parking space. The feeling of the infinite beauty of the private car turned into a pile of distress.

To make up for the shortcomings of the above three sections, Shared bicycles came into being, and it effectively connected the problems in the range of several hundred meters to several kilometers in front of and behind urban traffic at a very low cost. So why shared bikes are developing so fast because it makes up for the market.

Although the shared electric vehicle is greatly welcomed by the people, the shared electric vehicle currently in use does not meet the national standards: 1. The speed setting is less than 20 kilometers per hour; 2, it cannot be carried; 3, There are ankles; 4, each has insurance. Therefore, the initial release was ordered to withdraw from the market.

Xiaomi shared motorcycles are completely in line with national standards, and more importantly, fundamentally The problem of using and standardizing the parking of electric bicycles has been solved. Therefore, once the small honey electric bicycle is put on the market, it is convenient for consumers to travel, and the government no longer has a headache because of the disorderly suspension and affecting the appearance of the city appearance! p>

Future shared motorcycles must occupy the shared bicycle market, just as electric vehicles occupied the bicycle market! Sharing is a trend, and sharing motorcycles to replace shared bicycles is also a trend in the trend! Xiaomi shared motorcycles for far-sightedness And will become the industry leader! Team leader WeChat: QQ9349146

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