Window sills, accessories for landscaping

The window sill is a scorpion made of cloth in the window, a section on the window or the curtain, a kind of window decoration, mainly used to decorate the curtain. Generally integrated with the curtains, it can be fixed pleats, or it can be a simple and simple activity. It is an accessory for common landscaping curtains. Let’s take a look at the types and materials of the window sills.
  Modern pleated skirt幔
   is divided into double-fold skirts and single-pleated skirts and pleated belts

   Waveform 幔
   is divided into water wave and Roman 幔, water wave 幔 is a horizontal wave 幔, Rome 幔 is a wave wave, generally Roman 幔 is an odd wave, the wave that makes the middle is slightly Large, water wave 幔 parity can be. In addition, the water wave can add a small flag between the wave and the wave to calculate a wave, and it can also be modified by adding a spike.

  Simplified folding 幔
   This kind of succinct and simple, simple but not simple, relatively inexpensive, is also very popular with housewives.

  In the material, the fabric of the fabric window is mainly made of traditional materials such as cotton, hemp and silk. Now the polyester window sill has become a new favorite, especially the window sill with functional flat wire has become The best choice for window materials. Generally, the material used for the window sill is 1.2/1.3 times the width of the curtain, so that the pleats are three-dimensional and beautiful. Sometimes it is necessary to follow the owner’s preference, need several waves, how many meters per wave, in the calculation, if the curtain needs 3 waves, each wave 1 meter, 3 waves need 3 meters.
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