What is wood-plastic flooring? Wood plastic floor installation method

Wood-plastic floor is a new type of environmentally-friendly wood-plastic composite material. The wood phenol produced in the process of producing medium and high-density fiberboard is added to the recycled plastic to make wood-plastic composite material through granulation equipment, and then extruded. The production team is made of wood-plastic floor.

The main material of wood-plastic outdoor flooring is PE and wood powder or bamboo powder. After adding auxiliaries, mixing at high speed, granulation, and then using an extruder to squash extrusion molding materials, such The floor can be used for garden landscapes, villas and other outdoor platforms.

Installation method

Fixed keel

Fixation of wood-plastic keel Use the expansion tube to directly fix the wood-plastic keel on the ground, and fix the plastic expansion tube The spacing between 500mm and 600mm requires the screw cap to be lower than the surface of the wood plastic keel. When the wood plastic keel is fixed, it needs to be flat.

Assembly of the floor

The self-tapping screw cap is required to be flush with the surface of the wood-plastic floor, and the pitch of the wood-plastic floor is 5mm.

Use the self-tapping screws to fix the wood-plastic floor and the wood-plastic keel at the beginning and end of the floor. The self-tapping screw cap is required to be flush with the surface of the wood-plastic floor. The junctions of the other wood-plastic floors and wood-plastic keels are connected and fastened with plastic buckles and wood-plastic keels. The spacing of the wood-plastic floor is determined by the plastic buckle.

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