What is the reason for the toilet blockage?

Blocking the toilet is a headache. However, this problem often occurs in life, causing a lot of inconvenience. Then, why is the toilet blocked? In fact, the toilet blockage has a lot to do with the quality of the toilet. For health, please try to buy a quality toilet, do not be cheap and inferior products, the quality of the toilet is directly related to your health!
The culprit of the toilet blockage

—cause of the blockage [1]—

The quality of the glaze is low

It is easy to hang dirty, causing blockage

Toilet ceramic glaze quality is very important. Good quality toilet, smooth glaze, smooth and smooth appearance, no blistering, soft color, smooth and fresh after repeated washing. On the contrary, if the quality of the glaze is not good, it is easy to hang.

Container blockage

—Cause of blockage [ 2 】—

Not all pipes are glazed

Easy to leak

In order to save costs, many toilet manufacturers are working inside the toilet. Some of the water return bends have no glazed surface, while others use a gasket with small elasticity and poor sealing performance. Such a toilet is both prone to fouling and is prone to water leakage. Therefore, when you purchase, you should put your hand into the dirt in the toilet and touch it to see if it is smooth. The smooth feel is glazed, and the rough one is glazed. Therefore, the choice of 360 ° pipe glazed toilet directly affects whether it will block the pollution!

Toilet blockage solution

—cause of blockage [ 3 】—

The toilet is installed incorrectly, causing blockage

The errors occurred during the installation process are mainly that the bottom outlet is not aligned with the drain, the screw hole at the bottom of the toilet is completely sealed, the toilet water is not smooth, the water level of the toilet tank is not high enough, and the flushing effect is affected, so the toilet is best installed. Find a professional. In addition, the toilet blockage is closely related to the habits of life, and it is easy to cause blockage by pouring some hard or leftovers into the toilet. Of course, there are many ways to solve the blockage of the toilet. The most common ones are: pouring the dishwashing essence and hot water into the clogged toilet, and dredging with plastic wrap. And if you want to solve such problems fundamentally, you still have to choose a quality toilet.
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