What is the problem with the glass window always fogging?

Many small partners in the north have such troubles: once in the heating season, all the inside of the window glass is condensed water, and the serious window sill is full of water, even flowing down the wall, and the window sill is near It is wet, even the skin is peeling and moldy. Households in the South will encounter such problems if they turn on air conditioners when they are cold. Is it because the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too big? No, it is also a heating zone. Some people have no such problem. If you are flying, the cabin temperature and high air temperature often have a temperature difference of 30 to 40 degrees, and you have never seen frost on the aircraft window. Is the humidity at home too big? It’s not that everyone who drives the heating feels panic and needs extra humidification. Where does the moisture come from?
Does the glass window always fog? That’s why you didn’t install it.

In fact, the problem lies in the sealing and insulation of the window. In order to keep warm, the windows in the north are mostly double glazing. However, the double glazing and the real insulating glass are still different. The process of double glazing is not high, and the vacuum is not in the middle. The heat can be easily transferred between the two layers of glass. In addition, the more common windows are still made of plastic steel, which is not a particularly good material for heat insulation, and there are gaps between the window frames, especially the gap between the sliding rails of the sliding windows is large, the sealing is not good, and the insulation is relatively poor. The cold air outside is easy to run into the house. In this case, the thin window glass is like being placed outdoors, cold and ice. Do not believe that you touch the frosted windows, the glass is frozen like ice.

There is heating in the house, the air in the room is very warm, the warm air touches the cold window, the water vapor in the air will liquefy into small water droplets, stick it in the cold On the window, the windows are all over the water. This principle is like we will fog when we breathe into the glass, because the warm air touches the cold glass. But the windows have been very cold, and the home has been warm, so the water drops on the windows will hang for a winter, dry and foggy. Smart, you asked again, but why did the house that I lived in when I was a child, even a single layer of glass in a wooden window frame, did not fog? Because the old-fashioned radiators are installed under the windows, although the windows are not well insulated, the heating has been baking the glass, the glass itself is baked hot, and the water vapor will not be cooled into small droplets.

The little friends who drive must know that fog will also fog on the windshield when it rains and snows. Light rubbing is useless. When the glass is blown with cold air, the water drops will soon disappear, but the people will be too cold to accept. This is the way to reduce the temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the car. The most effective way to cure the problem is to open the heat and the inner circulation. The hot wind blows the windshield. Although it takes some time for the mist to slowly disappear, there will be no fog on the way, and people feel very warm. And now many of our radiators are not installed under the window, or simply changed to floor heating, the windows have been cold and ice, and will be drowning throughout the winter. So, the easiest way to solve this problem is to move the radiator back under the window. However, if it is installed with floor heating, or if the home is a floor-to-ceiling window or a large bay window, then the most effective way is to replace the window and change it into a broken aluminum hollow glass window (double-glazed is not enough), preferably a casement window, that is Windows that open inward or outward are more sealed than sliding windows. When installing, be careful not to damage the insulation layer that comes with the wall. Fill the styrofoam between the window frame and the wall. It must be filled until both inside and outside are overflowed, so that it is completely filled with gaps. The sealing is very good.

If you are in an emergency, you can buy an anti-fog agent for automobiles and spray it on the window glass. This will also prevent the glass from fogging to some extent. The window glass in the south is mostly single-layered, and the insulation is even worse. Therefore, the weather is a bit colder. Air conditioning at home will also encounter such problems. However, the south is not as cold as the north, and there is more sunshine. If the sun shines directly on the glass, the water vapor will disappear quickly. If the fog is heavy, you can also refer to these small tips:

1, try to use insulating glass, hollow glass can greatly avoid this phenomenon.

2, glass gasket should be installed, the spacer should be arranged 1-2mm from the glass, and 3-4mm from the lower side of the glass. This can avoid the contact of the septum with the water. Of course, it should be better to choose a septum with good quality and low water absorption.

3, the sealing of the glass should be tight, the operation should be carefully and carefully, the main cause of this problem in actual production is caused by poor sealing.

4. A layer of glass glue on the outside of the spacer in the bottom layer can relieve the septum from rain.

5, the opening of the air pressure balance hole and the drainage hole is very necessary.
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