What is the difference between floor mats and carpets?

The history of carpets has a long history. At first, humans used carpets for the sake of survival. Later, with the changes of the times, the early courts used red carpets to create a festive atmosphere. In the later period, there were countless changes in the dynasty, and some changes were made in the change of the carpet, which gradually became a luxury for the upper class.

Compared with carpets, the development of the mat is a bit later. The mats are more common in European countries, and the history is relatively early. It has been built more than 20 years ago. Today, the development of the mats is becoming more and more popular. The floor mat is ready-to-use and easy to install. It not only has the same landscaping and floor protection functions as the carpet, but also makes the door in the building’s door door look like one, and it is matched with the exquisite decoration, which makes the floor mat and the carpet complement each other and enhances. The overall image of the high-end building of the building.

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The difference is this

The material of the material carpet is mainly made of natural fiber or chemical synthetic fiber raw materials such as hemp, cotton, silk, wool and grass, which are knitted, woven or woven by hand or mechanical process. The floor mat is mainly made of plastic. The material without carpet is rich and varied, so it is not as precious as the carpet.

The work carpet can be made mechanically or manually. The carpets produced are very fast, the production efficiency is high, the appearance and texture are not as good as hand-woven carpets, but the price is lower; while the hand-made carpets are very particular, the process of knitting in one stitch and one thread Zhongdu has devoted a lot of efforts to the craftsmen. The production of the mats is all mechanized, so the craftsmanship of the carpet is not good.

There are four kinds of carpets, which are mainly made of machinery. Carpet with Wilton woven carpet and Axmint carpet, hand-woven Carpet, non-woven carpet mats materials are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, cotton and the like.

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