What is the best choice for the whole cabinet? Overall cabinet price introduction

Everyone knows, whole The cabinet is already a must-have piece of furniture in the kitchen. Today I want to introduce you to the overall countertops. The countertops are an important part of the cabinets and the most frequently used places in the kitchen. We must be cautious about the choice of countertops. So what is the best choice for the whole cabinet? Let’s take a look at it below.

First, what countertops in the whole cabinet Good

1 Granite

Advantage: Granite The material is very common, its advantages are high hardness, surface wear resistance, is a commonly used material in the family cabinet. Granite countertops have better resistance to bacterial regeneration than natural marble.

Disadvantages: Because the material length of the countertop is usually It’s not long, so if you want to grow the whole countertop, it will create seams, and the seams will easily hide dirt and increase the pressure of cleaning.

2, natural stone marble

Advantages: Natural marble is rich in color, The texture is soft and the texture is various. The main advantage is that it is easy to cut or engrave, making it suitable for the whole cabinet.

Disadvantages: Natural stone marble countertops are also disadvantageous Because it is naturally formed, it is easy to be broken at some fine loose cracks, and it will affect the user’s use as a countertop. Moreover, most of the natural stone is a fine pore structure, and it is easy to infiltrate the sewage when it is used, and it is difficult to clean. After a long time, many bacteria are generated, which also affects people’s health.

3, artificial stone

Advantages: The advantage of artificial stone is It is rich in color, non-toxic and non-radiative, and easy to clean. It is an environmentally friendly hygienic material.

Disadvantages: Because artificial stone production technology requirements are not High, leading many small businesses to imitate the production of inferior products, harming the interests of consumers.

Second, see the cupboardThe introduction of the countertop, talk about the overall cabinet price

1, look at the cabinet material, solid wood will be more expensive.

2, see Cabinet brand, the price of the merchants in the top ten cabinet brands will be more expensive.

3, finally look at the cabinet style, European style The price is generally expensive, and the simple style will be cheaper.

Many people choose cabinets that may only look at the appearance, depending on the choice, in fact, this is wrong of. Especially for the countertops, it is directly in contact with our food, so we must choose environmentally friendly, durable and wearable. I hope the above content can help everyone.

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