What happened to the Yuba bulb? ?

In the cold winter, many families will choose to install Yuba, so the bath is not afraid of cold, there are two kinds of the most popular Yuba on the market, the bulb and the wind. Because the price of the light bulb Yuba is low, and the heating speed is fast, it is more popular, but the safety incident of the bulb Yuba is also very much. Let’s take a look at the Xiaobian to see if the Yuba bulb will explode? What happened to the Yuba?
Will the Yuba bulb explode? It may be

The Yuba bulbs are explosion-proof. If the quality is qualified, normal use will not explode. Water, collision, stress, etc. may cause an explosion. The main reason why Yuba bulbs will explode is the closed box design of Yuba, which is mixed with strong and weak electricity. Because the high temperature generated during the work of Yuba is easy to accumulate in the closed box, it will directly lead to the aging of internal electrical lines, plus bathroom The humid environment of the space makes the Yuba safety accidents frequent.

What happened to Yuba’s explosion?

Yuba heating generally uses hard quartz bulbs. If the process is not good enough and the surface is not even enough, the bulb will be easily heated unevenly when it is working, and it will easily burst when it is cold. Other inferior Yuba bulbs are cheap soft glass bulbs that do not have an explosion-proof function. Therefore, we must use 3C certified products, the general formal Yuba bulbs will use the real explosion-proof technology, the use of nationally certified qualified materials, the cost will be relatively high. According to the requirements of national standards, the heating bulb used in Yuba must be a hard explosion-proof bulb. Under the condition of raising the temperature to 200 °C, the bulb will not explode after 4 degrees Celsius cold water spray.

How can I reduce the possibility of a Yuba explosion? You need to do the following:

Do not install the Yuba above the bathtub or shower. Yuba’s waterproof bulb has waterproof performance, but the lamps and lamps, exhaust fans and other non-waterproof structure lights, in the body The metal fittings are not waterproof and the metal in the body is still electrically conductive.

After clearing the bulb, wait for the bulb to cool, then clean the bulb and the whole machine with a soft cloth containing a neutral detergent. After cleaning and maintenance, wait until all parts are dry and use again.

Yuba has not been used for a long time. In addition to cleaning before use, the lamp and circuit of Yuba should be inspected and started for 3-5 minutes to see if it is normal to avoid accidents.

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