What are the materials for household carpets?

The carpet is a ground covering made of natural fibers or chemical synthetic fibers such as cotton, hemp, wool, silk, grass, etc., which are knitted, woven or woven by hand or mechanical process. It is one of the world’s fine arts and crafts with a long history. So, what kind of material is good for household carpets? What are the types of household carpets? Below, let’s take a look.

First, what kind of material is good for home carpet

blended carpet, suede mat, chemical fiber carpet, silk carpet, chenille carpet, pure wool carpet above, You see which one you want to use? The chemical fiber carpet is used at the door, and the pure wool carpet is better in the living room.

Second type of household carpet

1, pure wool carpet

relatively expensive, the most common type of plucking and woven, Most of the decent carpets are priced at 800-2000 yuan (140*200cm as the reference standard). Its cleaning and care is very cumbersome and requires professional cleaning in the laundry. If the cleaning is careless, the service life of the carpet will be greatly shortened.

2, cotton carpet

A wide variety of, there are flat weave, line carpet (can be used on both sides), nowadays very popular chenille tufting series (have There are many kinds of fine velvet, there are also velvet), the cost is higher, the general price is between 300-800 yuan (140*200cm as the reference standard).

3, synthetic fiber carpet

The most commonly used two kinds, one use surface is mainly polypropylene, the backing is non-slip rubber, the price and pure Cotton carpets are similar, but the flower samples are more variety, not easy to fade, and can be professionally cleaned. If you save a little, you can also use the carpet cleaner to clean by hand. The feet are not as good as wool and cotton carpet. It is suitable for restaurants, bathroom areas or children’s rooms. The other is a chenille tufted cotton carpet, the form is similar, but the material is replaced by chemical fiber. The price of the aforementioned synthetic fiber carpet is much cheaper, and the visual effect is much worse, but it is easy to get static electricity. It will be very uncomfortable to step on it. It is recommended to be used as a door mat.

4, suede carpet

generally made of crushed cowhide, the color is relatively single, smoke gray or nostalgic yellow most, I have seen in the FENDI fashion furniture leather exhibition To purple and rust color, very glamorous! The general price is also above 800-1000 yuan, very fashionable, very strong texture, suitable for dry areas such as living room, studio, study, etc., because the suede carpet can not be cleaned with water, only Clean by vacuuming.

5, jute carpet

Like the suede carpet, it is a very beautiful but difficult to raise carpet, because it can not be washed, but can be scrubbed with detergent. The price is not cheap! My family used jute carpet. It is very comfortable sitting on the carpet in summer. It has the effect of tatami mat. If there is a special room and a housewife who loves clean, consider this carpet. It is very elegant. It is also very good taste of the owner!

6, rag carpet

is a cost-effective carpet, the material is simple, so the price is very cheap, the color is The same color or complementary color is the main color, it can be machine washed and can be used on both sides. However, it is not suitable for large-area applications. It can be used in formal spaces such as living rooms or restaurants, but it is a good choice for entrance, dressing room, dining room and studio.
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