What are the carpet mat brands? Carpet mat price notice

Remove the carpet mat, I think Everyone will understand, because carpet mats are everywhere in our daily life. Next, the decoration house is a small series, let us introduce the knowledge about carpet mats, for example, carpet matswhat brands are there, as well as carpet mats The price is generally, I hope that the introduction of Xiaobian can help everyone.

First, what are the carpet mat brands?

1, mountain flower carpet. If you talk about the carpet mat brand, then the mountain flower carpet has to be mentioned, this is one of the top ten brands of China’s carpets, but also a carpet brand in my country. The brand has a very good brand influence in China and is a carpet brand that people trust.

2, hippocampus carpet. The hippocampus carpet is also a well-known brand of carpet mats in China. The brand comes from the group of Shandong Haima. The group has the title of national first-class enterprise, so the hippocampus carpet has a very strong strength.

3, Dongsheng carpet. Dongsheng Carpet Leaf is one of the top ten carpet brands in China. It is also a well-known carpet mat brand, which is very trusted and loved by consumers. The carpet brand comes from the largest Dongsheng carpet group in Asia. His group has very advanced equipment and has rich experience in carpet design and carpet production.

Second, carpet mat price notice

1, entrance mats, door mats, bedroom door, kitchen bathroom, absorbent floor mats, anti-slip mats, reference price is generally Around 12 yuan.

2, Shiba Inu Husky Teddy Schneider Bomei dog carpet door mat home bedroom water-absorbing anti-slip blue cat English short, The reference price is generally around 45 yuan.

3, day Soft and fine velvet carpet washable floor matLiving roomCarpet sleek minimalist moderncoffee tableThe carpet can be customized, the reference price is generally around 65.

4, Japan imported adsorption kitchen non-slip waterproof mats foyer floor mats guest restaurant carpet baby crawling mat, the reference price is generally around 128 yuan.

5, 3D floor mat door hotel corridor carpet bedroom Full shop cute bedside porchpasswaykitchen bathroom home, reference price is generally 48 Yuan or so.

6, carpet living room simple modern bedside Nordic new Chinese European-style American indoor household sofa coffee table carpet mat, the reference price is generally around 580 yuan.

7, door mat door mat door home mat PVC plastic rubber carpet fullStaircase flame retardant mats, the reference price is generally around 68 yuan.

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