What are the advantages of opening the inner window?

The so-called inner opening window is the same as the ordinary inner window, which is open to the room. At the same time, it can also be inverted, that is, the position of the lower part of the window does not move, and the upper part is inclined to the room.

Inside open window

Friends who have lived or traveled in Europe know that the inner window is completely “standard” in Europe, and most residential projects use inner opening windows. Then in the years of promoting the internal window in China, we found that there are too many people who don’t understand the inner window. In addition to non-construction professionals, there are even many developers and designers who are not at all. Understand the inner window, or know that the window is inside, but I don’t understand the window form. I often ask me if I want to use the inner window to fill the window. “” and so on.

Understanding the misunderstanding: the inner opening of the inverted window takes up indoor space and will affect To the installation of the curtains.

Let’s step by step: the two main functions of the window are – Lighting and ventilation.

For the demand for lighting, regardless of whether the window is open or inverted, Still closed, the light can enter the room through the glass unimpeded, so for the functional demand of lighting, the inner opening inner window completely meets the requirements.

And for ventilation requirements, the internal reversal function of the inner opening inner window, Fully reflects the advantages that other window types can’t match:

Optimize ventilation performance

When the window is down, the room is not only naturally ventilated. And the most important thing is that the air enters the room from the window and the side, and does not directly blow to the human body. Especially when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, the risk of cold and cold due to direct air blowing can be greatly reduced. Especially in high-rise apartments or open villas, the spring and autumn winds are very large, and the inverted state in the windows completely makes the exchange of indoor and outdoor air smooth, comfortable and soft.

Improve security

When the window is inverted, the window is open and ventilated, while the window is flattened or flattened outside. In fact, it is very safe, with anti-theft performance, the reason is very simple – the thief can even reach into the window, but can not open the window, but can not enter the room! Therefore, the owner can completely set the window in the inverted state when leaving the house, which not only ensures continuous ventilation, but also can worry about the patronage of the gentleman on the beam.

dust and rain

When the window is inverted, the airflow entering the room will first face the blockage of the glass. The heavier dust particles in the air will not “turn sharply” and will naturally be blocked outdoors. On rainy days, because the rain falls from the top, even if it is deflected into the room due to the wind direction, it will be blocked outside the window because of the glass barrier inside the inverted window. Therefore, when the owner is not at home, it is not necessary. Then worry about unexpected rainwater damage to furniture, flooring, etc.

easy to clean

Living on the second floor or above, the owner who opened the window must have the following painful experience: There is basically no way to clean the window, because it is very simple, it is open to the outside, even if you have enough arms Long enough to stretch out to the window, but unfortunately you live on the 28th floor, will be big Half a body peeking out of the window, isn’t it too dangerous to open the window? There is no such trouble in the inner opening of the window. Just open the window completely inward and take care of it.


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