“Washington Post” editorial said that Japan’s falsification of historical speech is ridiculous

Original title: “Washington Post” published editorial urged Abe to face history

Newspaper Washington, February 13th (Reporter Wen Xian) US “Washington Post” On the 12th, an editorial entitled “Japan’s denialism” was published. The editorial asked Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to face up to historical facts and condemn those who falsified history.

In response to the so-called “comfort women” in the wartime multi-national war, the new president of the Japan Broadcasting Association, the editorial pointed out that, in fact, “comfort women” is unique to Japan. Many women lost their lives by euphemisms that forced tens of thousands of women into sexual slavery. The Japanese Broadcasting Association’s management committee, Hiroshi Hiroshi, denied the occurrence of the Nanjing Massacre, saying that the United States had concealed its own war crimes through the trial “the so-called war criminals” after the defeat in Japan in 1945. The spokesperson of the US Embassy in Japan condemned the above two people’s remarks “absurdly ridiculous”.

The editorial questioned, why did the Japanese government not explicitly condemn these statements? Abe’s responsibility in this matter is particularly important, because it is Abe’s own hand to pull the two. A spokesperson for the Japanese government excused Kazuo Sakai, saying that his speech was a personal act, but in fact, Sakai is not only making the above statement in an official capacity, but also claims that the Japan Broadcasting Association is going to rely on the government, “the government says & lsquo; right & rsquo; We can’t say ‘left’”.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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