visual inspection equipment has always played an important role

machine vision inspection systems manufacturers, visual inspection equipment has always played an important role in the factory automation system. When it was first developed, it was only used as a substitute for human time. However, with the improvement of skills, the application of machine vision in the production line gradually deepened. Now this skill is The speed and accuracy of identification are comparable to those of the human eye. According to the research institute, the global output of machine vision will exceed $14 billion by 2022. From now on, the key skills in the next few years will include robots, 3D vision, and industry. Sensors, impression processing skills, robotic manipulation software or algorithms, and artificial intelligence skills, among which 3D vision and robots will be the primary. In the early days of visual inspection equipment, Taiwanese manufacturers mostly used machine vision products imported from abroad, and then integrated the system for customer needs. Later, the industrial computer industry was booming. Taiwan-related manufacturers began to focus on the development of machine vision, plus shopping malls for industrial intelligence cameras. With the addition of products such as picture capture equipment and impression processing, and the need for application, visual inspection equipment has grown substantially in terms of skill or application.

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