Venezuelan opposition leader surrendered himself: hoping to go to prison can awaken the people

Venezuela’s opposition leader has been arrested: wanting to go to prison can awaken the people

Lopez, holding a white flower and holding the Venezuelan flag in his right hand, was stuffed into a Venezuelan National Guard armored vehicle.

Comprehensive foreign media reports, on February 18, local time, Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo · Lopez "Russell"; surrendered, the authorities arrested and escorted him on charges on charges of incitement to demonstrations To a military base to receive supervision.

“Want to wake up the people 

“ On February 18th, I will take the initiative to put myself in persecution. “On the same day, Lopez, who promised to surrender, did not have a good date, appearing on the streets of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela.

In the cheers of hundreds of supporters, Lopez boarded a makeshift stage, not far from Cuban statue of the famous Cuban poet, national hero Jose · Marty . Marty is a symbol of Cuba’s struggle for independence from the rule of Spain.

“I will hand over myself to an unfair judicial system, hoping that my imprisonment will awaken the people. & rdquo; Lopez waved farewell to his supporters and his family. The audience under the audience was emotionally infected. They spontaneously lifted Lopez’s wife and sent it to the stage. After the two embraced each other, Lopez’s wife hung a cross necklace around his neck.

A few minutes later, Lopez stepped off the stage and surrendered to the military and police standing on the side. Subsequently, Lopez, holding a white flower in his left hand and holding the Venezuelan flag in his right hand, was inserted into a Venezuelan National Guard armored vehicle. Due to the blockade of the demonstrators, the military vehicles drove very slowly and eventually entered the La Callotta Air Force Base on the outskirts of Caracas.

Lopez’s “people’s willing party” said that Lopez will be sent to court, when the Venezuelan authorities will officially read Lopez accused of charges. According to previous reports, Lopez faces numerous allegations of public property destruction, incitement to demonstrations, terrorism and murder. Lopez considers himself to be a scapegoat for the dictatorship.

“Spread fear and violence 

After Lopez was arrested, his supporters still gathered on the streets and continued to protest and demand The government improves social security, resolves shortages of supplies, and protects freedom of speech.

At the same time, Venezuelan President Maduro and his supporters are marching, accusing the opposition of being the chief culprit in the country’s economic situation.

In his speech, Maduro called the opposition leader, including Lopez, “the right-wing fascist who spread the seeds of fear and violence”, claiming that the opposition had repeatedly attempted to assassinate him, Overthrow the elected government he led. “When people are infected with malaria, they need to take penicillin or other strong antibiotics and receive treatment …… whether in Venezuela or the world, fascism is a malignant infectious disease that can only be cured by judicial sanctions. . ”

Maduro also said that regarding the surrender of Lopez, the President of the National Assembly of Venezuela coordinated and participated in the negotiations, and Lopez will be detained on the outskirts of Caracas.

In addition, in the coastal town of Carupano in eastern Venezuela, a bloody incident occurred on the 18th. Local residents said that a 17-year-old student was involved in an anti-government demonstration and was killed in a car accident. At this point, the anti-government demonstrations in Venezuela for many days have killed at least four people. (European Leaf)

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