Venezuela calls for a high-level dialogue with the United States

China News Service, February 22, according to foreign media reports, Venezuelan President Maduro said on the 21st, asked to hold an intergovernmental “high-level dialogue” with US President Barack Obama, and proposed to send an ambassador to Washington.

The report said that this sudden statement made the outside world surprised. Since the death of former Venezuelan President Chavez in March 2013, the relationship between the US and the US has been at a freezing point.

Maduro told foreign reporters: “President Obama, I am asking for a dialogue with you to open a dialogue between Venezuela and the US government. Accepting this challenge, we will start a high-level dialogue and be honest. ”

Maduro said he will send Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias · Howard, expecting Obama to send US Secretary of State Kerry or others. But Maduro also acknowledged that any dialogue between the US and the US will be “difficult and complicated”.

Previously, Maduro had criticized the US government several times, “conspiring to overthrow the Venezuelan government”, saying that the Obama administration gave a green light to the subversion of the regime and urged Obama to change at least for the Caribbean and Latin America. Foreign policy.

Not long ago, Maduro announced the expulsion of three US diplomats because they were involved in attempts to subvert the government. The US State Department said on the 17th that the US has not received any formal notice from the party regarding the expulsion of diplomats. The allegations are groundless and wrong.

In recent years, the relationship between the two countries has remained tense. The two countries have not exchanged ambassadors since July 2010. The agency is the highest level diplomat of the two countries in each other’s countries.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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