US Deputy Secretary of State leads a delegation to visit Nigeria for preparation for general election

People’s Daily Abuja, February 17 (Reporter Li Liang) On the 16th, the US Embassy in Nigeria issued a statement here, the US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Linda · Thomas · Greenfield recently led a delegation Visiting Nepal to participate in the meeting of the US-Municipal Bilateral Committee to be held in Abuja, the capital of Nepal, from 17th to 18th of this month.

The statement stated that the main topic of the meeting was to discuss the integrity of civil society organizations and establish benchmarks for making elections transparent and inclusive before and during the 2015 election. The issue of corruption is a potential obstacle to the governance and economic development of Nepal. This meeting will discuss how to improve the anti-corruption capacity of the Nigerian government.

The US-British Bilateral Committee was established in Washington in April 2010 to strengthen the partnership between the two countries through dialogue and consultation. The committee has transparent governance and integrity, energy and investment, agriculture and food safety. Five working groups, including the Niger Delta and regional security.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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