Ukrainian president is willing to hold general elections in advance to resolve domestic crisis

China News Service February 21, according to foreign media reports, Polish Prime Minister Tusk said on the 20th that Ukrainian President Yanukovych told the European Union special envoy that he is willing to hold a Ukrainian election early this year to resolve and oppose The fierce opposition of the faction.

The Ukrainian anti-government protests against the mass clashes with the police have killed dozens of people. Tusk said in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, that the foreign ministers of Germany, France and Poland discussed a specific document in Kiev, hoping to have an opportunity to reach an agreement to end the violent conflict. The parties agree that Ukraine has the willingness to hold general elections this year, including parliamentary and presidential elections.

Polish Foreign Minister Sikorski is one of the EU representatives who met with Yanukovych and was accompanied by French and German foreign ministers.

French Foreign Minister Fabius said that the plan to resolve the Ukrainian crisis has not yet been finalized, but he and the German and Polish foreign ministers will meet again with Yanukovych.

In addition, diplomats revealed earlier that the solution to the crisis included the establishment of an interim government in Ukraine.

On February 20th, Ukrainian demonstrators and the police broke out again in the capital Kiev, causing serious casualties. According to the latest data released by the Ukrainian authorities, the number of conflict deaths since February 18 has risen to 67.

Kiev has had the most serious violent clashes in the past three months since February 18. The United Nations, Russia, and China have called on all parties concerned to stop the bloodshed of violence and resolve the crisis peacefully through dialogue.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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