U.S. F-16 fighter aircraft upgraded radar has made important progress.

China News Service February 12th According to China National Defense Science and Technology Information Network, a few days ago, Northrop · Grumman announced that its variable agile beam radar (SABR) has completed several projects during the development process An important milestone.

In July 2013, Lockheed · Martin chose SABR for its F-16 radar modernization project. The F-16 Radar Modernization Program developed a new Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA) radar for the US Air Force Combat Avionics Program Extension Kit (CAPES) and the Taiwan F-16 Improvement Project.

After selecting SABR, Northrop · Grumman completed three major development and design reviews in conjunction with Lockheed & Middot; Martin and the US Air Force, respectively Review, hardware preliminary design review and hardware critical design review. In addition, several engineering and manufacturing development systems are currently in production and the first batch is expected to be delivered to Lockheed & Middot; Martin later this year.

Northrop · Jeff &middot, vice president of combat avionics business at Grumman; Levitt said, “We are rich in F-16 fighters and AESA fire control radars.” The experience, and our investment in SABR, enabled us to reach three important milestones in the project development process in just five months.

The F-16 Radar Modernization Program aims to maintain the viability of the F-16 fighter fleet in future threats and improve system reliability, maintainability and affordability. The SABR has been running for more than 4,500 hours, including nearly 200 hours of airborne flight testing, demonstrating its unprecedented system maturity. This maturity helps accelerate the F-16 radar modernization project.

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