Turin apartment was remodeled

Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testaemployed to transform in the center of Turin, Italy250square meter apartment, three generations live there, one father, his daughter and grandfather. They need their own private areas and also want to share the space of everyday life.

All over time1935Year to 1937The original details of the year have been lost, so the architect needs to Inspired by the times. They chose to copy certain details and materials in different proportions, such as the gypsum truss of the entrance passage, which quoted the Roman porch.
The goal is to create an unusual and unexpected perspective throughout the apartment. Pink and fluorescent colors combined with Prouvé,Sarfatti,MendiniandTom Dixonmodern furniture, unique Installation details.
The geometric system of metal rods provides storage and design details throughout each room while changing the view of the space.

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