Tsunami houses resist tsunami

In Washington State, the Tsunami House of Representatives was designed by Northwest Design Architects to build homes that can withstand varying degrees of damage. The main floor is equipped with a foundation that can withstand high-speed tsunami waves, while the lower levels are each built with walls that can shed storm surges. The overall construction is made of durable and low-maintenance materials, and the house is fully capable of weathering any difficulties.

In order to avoid the full power of the tidal wave, the architect decided to locate the main residential area above 9 feet. Leaving a lower level, and this house can be called a “hybrid room” as a multi-purpose space. Steel stairs made of bent steel from the lower level to the main living area, which combines the kitchen, living room and dining room. Light is an important aspect of the design, opened by a transparent glass lift door, with a water-facing deck facing north, and a translucent overhead door that opens into the yard.

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