Tong Yuan Xu Zhong: Entrepreneurial Evolution

In fact, entrepreneurship is an evolutionary process.

Speaking of the children’s photography industry, you can’t help mention the Tongyuan Group. In the past 18 years, as a break in the industry, it has won most of the children’s photography awards in China, creating a precedent for children’s photography. Its high-end “cloud shop service, charging for 20,000 yuan, so that a group of peers.

For most entrepreneurs, what they are pursuing is nothing more than a result of such success. But for Xu Zhong, the richer the achievements, the heavier the pace. He chose the positioning process, throwing away the results, and only obsessed with entrepreneurial evolution again and again.

Evolution 1: Pioneer

In 1998, Xu Zhong was in a US business. The investigation report saw a conclusion that American families spend more on children than women. And many American companies also recognize that children’s consumption has far exceeded the scope of toys, clothing and games. This survey report inspired Xu Zhong, who is interested in photography. Why not try to apply your photography skills to children’s photography? Soon, he joined a friend and worked hard.

The children’s photography industry in the 1990s is just like the same blank space to be reclaimed. I don’t know if this land is sand or not, and I don’t know if I can grow the fruit. Xu Zhong is happy to be the first person to eat crabs. Although he has been in the system since he graduated from high school, he can’t erase his courage to enter the unknown.

The reality gives the brave affirmation.

The photo studio business is booming, and the third store has already opened in half a year. After earning the first pot of gold from the studio, Xu Zhong left the children’s photography in Wuhan to the partner and went to Shenzhen to set up Shenzhen Saiken Photography Design Company (Second Studio) to do advertising photography. At that time, the commercial image industry in Shenzhen was at its peak, and Xu Zhong’s advertising photography was also doing well. I took Hong Kong fashion, Shenzhen fashion, served Belle, and also filmed the image of China Southern Airlines.

By 2003, Xu Zhong had a large-scale shooting base in Shenzhen, a professional studio of 500 square meters, a full set of equipment imported from Switzerland worth more than 3 million RMB …… Xu Zhongzhi is a very famous fashion photographer, making fashion and advertising. Like an artist, complete your artistic pursuit.

However, just as he planned for greater development, the partners suddenly proposed to split up and separated the commercial advertising photography business. The children’s photography business was re-designed to Xu Zhong.

Children’s photography is not Xu Zhong’s life goal. The move of the partner undoubtedly made him lose the field he is better at. At this time, the photography of children is no longer the same as that of the past. At this time, we are starting to face competition far more than many times five years ago. And he is no longer a fledgling, fearless guy, he is 35 years old.

Evolution 2: Competitors

Xu Zhong, 35, is not timid. He decided to be a competitor and find opportunities from the competition. He bought a ticket to Chongqing, where his wife’s hometown, where he would start again.

Before leaving, Xu Zhong calculated the money on the account, a total of 100,000 yuan, he gave 50,000 of them to the partner in Shenzhen. For the remaining 50,000 yuan, he opened a book list and let the assistants go to the Boya Bookstore to buy them all and pack them away. He believes that although others leave Shenzhen, Shenzhen’s innovative atmosphere and cutting-edge information cannot be broken.

Back in Chongqing, Xu Zhong began to start from the brand and made a long-lasting promotion to the brand. The experience of studying news communication at Wuhan University has established a deep brand awareness for him. He knows the importance of doing business and branding well. However, opening a good store is easy, and doing a good brand is not an easy task. For Xu Zhong, who has always maintained the artist’s thinking, it is even more difficult to complete the transition from artist to operator. After opening five or six stores in Chongqing, Xu Zhong gradually felt powerless. At this time, a letter from a person, I woke up.

This person was the length of the train passenger section and lived in the building of Angel Nanping. I often take pictures with my children. After a long time, there will be trust and friendship of old customers. However, as the friendship grew, he found that Angel’s service has been declining.

He wrote a long letter to tell Xu Zhong: I know that you are a person with feelings and pursuits, but it is not enough to be a company with feelings and pursuits. To be a company must know how to manage. He also recommended a book, “Boiled Three Kingdoms”, which is very interesting in the way of management.

Xu Zhong was very touched by the letter, and he came out to drink coffee. While chatting, Xu Zhong took out a prepared notebook to make a record. When Duan Chang saw Xu Zhong’s sincerity, he told Xu Zhong: From the situation in the store, he guessed that the boss was a sentient person and wanted to get things done, but he was not good at management. Then, he told Xu Zhong a lot of management methods and techniques.

This long talk has benefited Xu Zhong a lot. Since then, Xu Zhong has had the idea to go to school.

Read the EMBA, read a major national class, and then go to Beijing Normal University to read philosophy. This road, “ld.” laid my life outlook and values. It is not enough for Xu Zhong to learn by himself. He also integrated his own understanding of aesthetics into photography and taught it to the team.

Although he seems to be a joke, Xu Zhong found that the team grew very fast in just over a year. In recent years, TongyuanThe photographer took the award and became a “harvester:” “Generally speaking, it is normal for the five gold medals to take three together.” Xu Zhong proudly said that not only domestically, but also internationally, Tongyuan often won numerous awards. In 2017 alone, Tongyuan won the gold medal in the color group including the Spanish TORRETES Champions Cup, WPPI online in the first half of 2017. More than ten heavyweight awards such as the Children’s Portrait Championship and the Silver Award.

In the field of children’s photography, Tongyuan is already competitive, but the competition continues. The photography industry giant Mrs. Jin launched the children’s photography service, the Guangzhou QQbaby momentum is in full swing, and Chengdu Super Tongxing has long held the industry first. .

In the face of this series of competitors, Xu Zhong made a move to be inclusive. With the Angel brand to sit firmly in the Chongqing market champion, and merged with Guangzhou leader QQbaby, acquired the first super child star in Chengdu. Successive mergers and acquisitions not only allowed Tongyuan’s business scope to expand to different regions, but also enabled Tongyuan’s annual turnover to exceed 100 million yuan, ranking first in the country from the region’s first.

Evolution 3: The Breaker

When you strive for the upper reaches, be a competitor. When he was in the upper reaches, Xu Zhong decided to be a break.

For a long time, the domestic children’s photography industry has been homogenized and is keen on price wars. However, Xu Zhong has taken the slant of the sword and launched the high-end “cloud shop service. The fee is 20,000 yuan. There are three photography teams in the store. Each team only serves one guest a day. On the eve of the start of the shoot, “the director of the concept will first conduct research and visits on the baby’s family, and analyze the information and data such as height, size, skin color, personality characteristics, etc., then design the scene and make a shooting script; there is no shortage of optional clothing. Chanel, Gucci, Dior and other luxury brands … …

Once the project is launched, the entire industry is eye-catching . Everyone has speculated that this is a spoiler. Many people have simply attributed the background of this attempt to the use of the Chinese “but seek the most expensive consumer mentality.” But this is obviously not appropriate.

At the beginning of the merger with QQbaby, Xu Zhong found that Guangzhou QQBABY consumers generally complained about the high price when they understood the market situation in Guangzhou. Xu Zhong knows that you have problems with QQBABY’s services and supporting hardware, and have not reached the value expectations of customers.

It’s not a good idea to cut prices at the moment. Instead, the entire brand should be upgraded and upgraded. However, it took a while to upgrade and upgrade more than a dozen QQBABY facades in Guangzhou. The cost is too high. How to do it? Xu Zhong’s brain turns: I invited the most famous Feng Shui survey in Guangzhou, and took the high price of 250,000 yuan per month to win the leading shop in Guangzhou. Please come to Tsinghua University’s famous architect design style —— The Group’s high-end children’s photography brand & ldquo; cloud is established.

For a long time, children’s photography has always been said to be a lot of time. The cloud store just used the strength to make up for the lack of customization of Chinese children’s photography. And the facts verify this. The cloud customer adopts the membership system and pays 20,000 yuan of stored value first. The strange thing is that although the price is higher than before, the customer has no more complaints.

With the great success of Tongyuan Group’s Guangzhou cloud brand, in 2015, the cloud brand was officially introduced to Chongqing. Just released, quickly registered more than 100 cloud customers within one month.

Evolution 4: Pathfinder

As a company, Tongyuan is undoubtedly successful. It has already won most of the children’s photography awards in China, and has achieved China’s largest children’s photography group. Its brands Angel, QQBABY and Super Children’s Star have become the bases for star families. The daily transaction volume of the group can be offset. A villa ……

At this time, Xu Zhong asked himself, “Are we really just a photography agency?”

Where is the meaning of the company? It can finally Where to go, this is a problem that many people cannot predict. As a photography group that serves millions of customers and has hundreds of thousands of customer profiles, it is clear that it can do more than that. He should be a pathfinder and see the direction for his follow-up partners.

Xu Zhong has begun to set up a new photography scene, combining photography base with bookstore to build a social scene store. We look forward to building Tongyuan into a comprehensive service company for the growth of children in the future.

Business success or failure should not be measured by money. And the series of evolutions and changes it has experienced are not just money and glory. When the money is full and the owner abuses it, it will flash for a while, and the owner will use it, it will flash for a lifetime.

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