Three major conjectures in the development of innovative models in the flooring industry

The times are constantly changing, all walks of life are constantly updating and developing. Can you keep up with the pace of the times? To progress, we must continue to learn and touch new things. In the development of this ever-changing flooring industry, we must continue to make progress in the most advanced stage of the industry. Do you have thought about the future business model of the flooring industry? What would it be like?

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One: Mobile devices become interactive homes

The 5G era is coming, which means that using mobile devices in the future will be more convenient and faster than now. Although the number of mobile devices we have now exceeds the total population of the planet, in the future the capacity of these mobile devices and Features will continue to improve. Announcements and advertising are bound to be more suitable for small screens on mobile devices. For example, current passengers can use their smartphones to quickly board, and customers can use mobile devices to shop in various markets. Are you ready for the floor company?

Two: Tailor-made service experience

If you bought something on the Amazon website, you have already experienced what you’ve experienced first. Customized: ‘If you like this, you will also like it…’ The website will remember your preferences and then send you personalized emails, each of which is unique. For flooring companies Measure The system is not limited to the product phase, and customized services will become the standard way to establish user loyalty in the future!

Three: community contribution to corporate culture

look at Wegmans supermarket and software giant Adobe will understand the importance of corporate culture. You may already have a corporate mission and vision. Customers want to see how you achieve these missions and visions, and hope to see how you make a great contribution to humanity. For example, if your business is small, think about what you can do for your community. If you have a huge market, how will you contribute your power to make the world a better place?

The above ideas are for reference only. In short, there are ideas to have goals, and goals to be actionable. We must maintain a normal heart, use long-term vision to gain insight into the development direction of the flooring industry, and continue to learn and innovate in order to go global. The most sophisticated!

Release date: 2015/12/11 10:10:26

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