The US capital Washington was hit by heavy rain, and the first emergency flood warning was issued in history.

local time 2019 On July 8, the United States, Washington, the local floods caused by heavy rain, the streets were flooded. IC map

Due to heavy rains, on July 8, local time, the National Weather Service issued the first flood emergency warning in the history of the capital Washington and surrounding areas.

According to US media reports, the rainfall at Reagan National Airport in Washington had reached 3.3 inches per hour (about 83.82 mm). According to the Washington Post, this is equivalent to one month of rainfall in an hour. The probability of such heavy rainfall in any year is less than 1%. This is also the first time in the Washington area to issue an emergency warning of flooding, which began in 2011 and was set for the most serious “life threatening” and “special danger” events.

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