The United States issued an alert on Ukrainian tourism, requiring citizens to avoid conflict

China News Service, February 19, according to Reuters news, the US State Department issued the latest travel warning on the situation in Ukraine on the 18th, saying that the Ukrainian riot situation is unpredictable, the capital Kiev and other cities may continue to conflict, suggesting that US citizens leave All conflict areas and stay indoors as much as possible.

On the evening of the 18th, local time, a bloody outbreak occurred on the streets of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Police and anti-government protesters had a fierce conflict. By the next morning, 21 people had been killed and at least 100 people were injured.

The latest warning from the US State Department is an update of the previous January 28 warning statement. The warning states that US citizens should leave all demonstrations, marches and gathering places as soon as possible. If the residence is close to the above-mentioned location, it is necessary to evacuate the area immediately and try to stay indoors, which may last for several days.

The White House informed Biden on the evening of the 18th that he had a conversation with Yanukovych. The White House said that Biden was seriously concerned about the bloody clash in the streets of Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, calling for “Nanuko.” President Vuvic withdrew from the government and kept restraint to the utmost extent.

Biden said that the United States condemns the use of violence by any party, but the Ukrainian government has a special responsibility for easing the situation, urging Yanukovych to immediately talk to the opposition leaders and respond to the legitimate demands of the demonstrators. Political reform program.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

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