The United States announced the expansion of same-sex couple rights and interests.

China News Service, February 10, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao” reported on the 10th, the US Department of Justice recently announced a series of adjustment measures to expand the rights of same-sex couples, including giving them spouse privileges for heterosexual couples Allow them to refuse to testify against their spouse in civil and criminal cases.

When US Secretary of Justice Holder delivered a speech to a gay rights activist in New York on the 8th, he announced the adjustment measures that the US Department of Justice is preparing to implement and continue to promote the protection of the rights and interests of same-sex marriages in the United States.

Spouse privileges in US law protect the confidentiality of communication between married couples, and the court may not force a party to appear in court to testify about the spouse’s confidential communication. Holder said that the Ministry of Justice will not only grant spouse privileges to same-sex couples, but also plan to give same-sex couples the same rights as heterosexual couples, including modifying the access regulations of federal prisons and the federal courts when considering bankruptcy cases. How these debts are handled. In addition, if a same-sex marriage as a law enforcement officer is dereliction of duty, his spouse will also receive a pension.

Holder’s speech mentions: “Every court, every interrogation, and every occasion on which the Justice Department’s personnel represent the United States will make every effort to ensure that same-sex marriage is enjoyed under federal law. The same privileges, protections, and rights as heterosexual marriage. ”

The US Department of Justice will issue a memorandum internally, “formally instructing all members of the Department of Justice to grant full and equal recognition of legal same-sex marriage to the maximum extent permitted by law. ”

Currently, 17 of the 50 US states and the capital, Washington, DC, legally recognize same-sex marriage. The US Supreme Court made a historic ruling in June last year, ruling that the Federal Marriage Protection Act of the same-sex marriage violates the Constitution, which prohibits same-sex marriage couples recognized by the states from enjoying hundreds of benefits for heterosexual couples. After the ruling of the High Court was released, the Obama administration actively used this as a basis for immigrant welfare and federal employee benefits for same-sex marriage.

For the new measures of the US Department of Justice, Griffin, chairman of the US Human Rights Movement, issued a statement saying: “This significant announcement will improve the lives of many loyal gays … &hellip Today, our country is moving towards achieving the goal of equality and fairness for all. ”

The opposition to same-sex marriages criticized the decision of the Ministry of Justice. The chairman of the American Family Research Council, Perkins, said in a statement: “The Ministry of Justice fully expands the marriage rights of same-sex couples, and does not recognize the same-sex. The state of marriage is also included, which is another manifestation of the government’s inability to discipline. ”

Currently in the United States that does not recognize same-sex marriage, the spouse privileges of same-sex couples are not guaranteed. For example, in September last year, in a politically conservative Kentucky state, a woman applied for a spouse’s privilege and refused to appear in court to testify against a same-sex marriage partner suspected of murder, but the application was rejected by the state court.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

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