The thinnest building in the world of the scrawny house in Poland

Sit in the gap between the existing two structures and present a story from the street to sit on an unlikely structure and then propose to build an incredible living as an artist resident/work residence Courage and design ingenuity.
We have seen the skinny houses and other buildings, such as before Japan, but did not match this narrow fantasy world, even in the bed barely wide enough to sleep in a single unit.
Transparent, translucent and a tall, sloping roof make the interior feel more important. A bedroom, lounge, bathroom and office are all included in the level, giving it a sense of separation, despite all the spaces (necessities) that are running along the same plane.
The exposed beams give each wall a layered feel, direct eyes upwards and downwards, enhancing the illusion of openness. Is the Polish Modern Art Foundation inspired by the design of the art center of Baltekcha? An extreme short story writer Etgar Carret.

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