The smart toilet market is broad, becoming a new outlet for the smart home industry.

[Guide]Bathroom becomes the preferred smart home upgrade The smart bathroom market represented by smart toilets has huge development space.

   With the continuous innovation and breakthrough of IoT technology, the Internet of Things has great potential in the home market, with a focus on intelligent functions. Products are increasingly integrated into the home industry. The bathroom has become the preferred smart home upgrade site, and the smart bathroom market represented by smart toilet has huge development space.

  Foresight research shows that smart bathroom products are recognized by consumers. At present, the 70s, 80s, and 90s are the main force driving China’s consumption. They believe that smart toilets can bring changes to the home life, and the smart toilet market is incalculable.

   Similarly, for the 60s, their demand for smart toilets is urgent, the function of smart toilets Can improve their lives. Therefore, the smart toilet market for the elderly cannot be ignored. However, price restrictions have led to insufficient consumption.

  The young and middle-aged consumer groups are currently the main users of smart toilets. Among them, more than half of the users have already had a certain knowledge and understanding of the smart toilet, and clearly know what kind of function is suitable for their own use.

   Price is a major consumer consideration when choosing a smart toilet. The survey results show that the higher the monthly household income, the higher the demand for smart bathroom products.

   Therefore, at present, for smart toilets, price is a major factor considered by individual consumers, currently consumers Mainly concentrated in middle and high income people. In addition, the penetration rate in engineering is also very low, generally only applied to a few places such as five-star hotels, and the shadow of smart toilets is almost invisible in ordinary public places.

   The reason is that smart bathroom products are not yet widely available, and the price contains high technical added value.

  Foresight analysis, with the smart toilet as the representative, more convenient, healthy and healthy smart lifestyle It is a big trend and the outlook is expected.

   First of all, from the perspective of people’s consumption behavior habits, when people rely more and more on convenient products, develop After using the habit of smart products, the market for smart toilets in the future is very impressive. Secondly, because the smart toilet is an electronic product, the service life is generally 8-10 years, so it will increase the frequency of consumption to a certain extent.

   In the future, smart bathroom trends towards product diversity.

  At present, building materials and decorative materials tend to be more functional, such as antibacterial anion ceramic tiles, formaldehyde-absorbing floors, etc. . Bathroom products are inherently functional, and with the smart sector, functionality can be maximized. In particular, the health can reflect the uniqueness of the functional function of the smart bathroom. For example, the physical condition can be detected by the smart toilet, so the smart bathroom will tend to increase the functionality of the product.

  The data from the Prospective Industry Research Institute’s “China Toilet Industry Market Preview and Investment Planning Analysis Report” shows that By 2018, the market size of China’s toilet industry is expected to exceed 40 billion yuan, and it is expected to exceed 45 billion yuan by 2020. The toilet market is broad and the future is expected.

  Source: Prospective Industry Research Institute


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