The Shekou Museum design model was made public

The design plan of Shekou District, Shekou District, Shenzhen, commissioned by China Merchants has been published recently and is expected to cooperate with related museums in London. British Prime Minister David · Cameron commented on the building: “The pioneering collaboration between the world’s leading art and design museum and China Merchants Group is an example of a successful bilateral partnership between UK companies. This partnership will benefit the development of creative industries. I hope that this innovative effort will be a great success, and I appreciate the cooperation between China Merchants Group and the Victoria and Albert Museum to strengthen the cultural relationship between China and the UK.

& rdquo;The Shekou Museum“ has a four-story exhibition space that extends from the lower podium Three-layer cantilevered space. Visitors along the stairs outside the building have direct access to the open public green spaces in the middle of the three prominent structures; from here you can enjoy the nearby sea views. It is said that the Victoria and Albert Museum will be seconded to a senior curator as their head of partnership with Shekou for a three-year collection and guidance work at the Shekou Museum. In addition, the Victoria and Albert Museum will have a gallery at the Shekou Museum to showcase its collections, and the gallery will serve as the main self-display platform for the Victoria and Albert Museum.
& rdquo; As part of our transformation of Shekou District in Shenzhen, we hope to give local residents a pavilion that has a certain position in the international arena. It will promote the development of China’s creative industries and promote China’s design industry to further. We have no better partners than the Victoria and Albert Museum. They have many designers involved in the design of this contemporary museum, and their long-term relationship with Chinese culture makes them very familiar with Chinese culture. We believe that we will work together to build a truly beautiful museum. “Mr. Sun, Vice President of China Merchants Group, said.
Tim Reeve, chief operating officer of the Victoria and Albert Museum, commented on the collaboration: “This is an exciting project for the Victoria and Albert Museum. It builds on the work of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the long-term cooperation with China. They exchange collections, knowledge and experts. As China is at the forefront of new design ideas and creative ideas, we work together with a reliable partner, China Merchants Group, to work with one of the most dynamic cities in the world. And financially sustainable things.

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