The security of smart home products is getting more and more attention

  The rapid development of artificial intelligence and smart home products has greatly facilitated people’s lives. As more and more smart items enter people’s lives, the safety of smart home products is getting more and more attention.

   We might imagine that you bought a smart socket and went home to connect the air conditioner, refrigerator, and washing machine. After a while, the air conditioner was turned on. Later, when you plugged in the computer, the smart socket was also connected to the network, and the IP address of the router was modified. Then, your camera, TV… all started to work involuntarily. It was not a science fiction event, but was controlled by the hackers behind it. Even more frightening is that your personal privacy issues will also be exposed.

   As smart home products are used more and more in the home, the personal information it carries is gradually increasing, and the role played in people’s lives is becoming more and more important. It is especially important to ensure the security of smart home products.

   It is gratifying that with the development of these years, whether it is the perfection of ZigBee3.0 or the technology of manufacturers Accumulation, the security of smart home products has been greatly improved, and ordinary consumers do not have to worry. The roots of insecure smart homes are more directed to smart home manufacturers in order to reduce costs, but simply increase the network control function, without multiple layers of verification, so it is easy to be cracked, which is very burdensome for consumers Responsibility also affects the smart home market. This pot should still be backed by small manufacturers with insufficient strength.

   As the development trend of smart life in the future, the wide application of smart home is only a matter of time, so how to use these smart products safely? recommends that you first choose the products of regular manufacturers and big brands. The security systems of smart home products such as Midea, Haier, Xiaomi, etc. are all independently developed and have certain security guarantees. Some have also adopted a number of dynamic key encryption technologies. The commands issued by users are encrypted and protected. Crack the difficulty.

   In fact, if you want to make smart homes safe, you must first strengthen hardware protection at the front end, reduce risk through device reliability, such as fingerprint recognition or facial recognition; secondly, multiple layers Encrypt the network transmission channel; in addition, increase the verification process on the system layer code to ensure database security; finally, maintain the application update frequency. In general, to build a complete smart home system, in addition to the cooperation of hardware equipment vendors, software service providers, cloud computing vendors, but also let the capital market calm down for long-term development, after all, the interests of consumers are the most important.

   At the same time, as consumers, users should also understand relevant knowledge and reduce risks when using them. The use of smart home appliances requires the basic support of the router, and the router is also one of the channels for hackers to start. Therefore, users must pay attention to the use of the most advanced wireless encryption when setting up the router, while hiding the SSID and not broadcasting. In addition, the firewall is enabled, and the client list is periodically checked for other users. To prevent other devices from accessing, MAC address filtering can be enabled. For users with a universal key and other software on the mobile phone, the wireless network is not allowed. At the same time, you can’t take it lightly when using the product, such as computer, camera, etc., you must turn off the power when you don’t need it, and don’t install it in the bedroom, bathroom, etc. At the same time, it is best to find an object coordinate in a fixed viewing angle and check regularly. Angled offset to avoid privacy leaks. When setting the password of the smart home, users must not be too simple. It is best to change the default port to an unused port and upgrade the firmware in time to improve security.
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