The raging rains in southern England have killed 2 people

China News Service, London, February 15 (Reporter Zhou Zhaojun) The southern part of the country continued to suffer from strong storms. As of the 15th, the storm weather has caused two deaths. The British government once again held an emergency meeting of the cabinet on the same day to discuss the response to the disaster.

In the heart of London, a car was hit by a wind-smashed building, causing a 49-year-old woman to die and two other passengers and a pedestrian injured in the car.

The waves caused by strong winds struck a yacht sailing on the English Channel. The huge waves were caught in a window of the yacht, causing the death of an 85-year-old man on board and several passengers injured.

In a beach restaurant in Hampshire, England, the pebbles blown by strong winds shattered the windows, and the first floor was flooded with water. Fortunately, no casualties were caused, and 32 people in the restaurant were rescued.

The UK Environment Agency issued 21 red severe flood warnings, and the red alert refers to the “hazard to life” level of alert.

Currently, there are still 84,000 homes in the UK that have been powered off. Storms have also had a major impact on road and rail traffic. Several locations on the M40 highway in the UK have been closed due to wind blowing down trees, and some bridges have been closed due to strong winds. The South West Railway Company cancelled all trains before 8 am on the 15th to inspect trees and other obstacles that fell on the rails.

The British meteorological department said that strong winds will continue, reminding people to avoid going out. (End)

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

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