The Public Security Bureau of China Aviation Academy launched 110 publicity activities: the police and the people joined hands to create peace.

On January 10, 2019, the country ushered in the 33rd “110 publicity day.” In accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, as the only public security bureau established in the university in the country & mdash; & mdash; China Civil Aviation Flight Academy Public Security Bureau (hereinafter referred to as the China Aviation Academy Public Security Bureau), in response to the characteristics of the service object, “Landscape experience, police people Working together to create peace as the theme, organized a “110 police to enter the police camp activities.

110 volunteers enter the police camp event

At 8:30 in the morning, the students of the Zhongfeiyuan Public Security Bureau have gathered students who participated in the 110 police experience. At 9 o’clock, the event officially began. On behalf of all the staff, Sun Jingbo expressed his welcome to the selected 8 police officers. He said: As the only public security in the country, guarding the peace, serving the teachers and students, and carrying out various forms of safety education, it is the unshirkable duty of the public security personnel of the Feiyuan. The mission is also a concrete manifestation of the 16-word policy of loyalty to the party, serving the people, fairness in law enforcement, and strict discipline.

Welcome Message from Director Sun Jingbo

Inviting students to join the team to participate in multiple police work as a police officer, Sun Jingbo said that the move is to enable more people to understand, understand, cooperate and support public security work; at the same time, through publicity and Interaction, improve the safety awareness of teachers and students, and participate in the construction of a safe campus.

At the ceremony, Deputy Director Lin Xinggui of the Zhongfeiyuan Public Security Bureau and Deputy Director Zhang Xiang issued police vests for the students. With a password, the prosecutors formally entered the flag-raising ceremony.

Deputy Director Lin Xinggui and Deputy Director Zhang Xiang dispatched police officers Use vest

All participants participate in the flag raising ceremony

After the welcoming ceremony, the volunteers visited the honor room and the video surveillance room to learn about the history of the public security and the construction of the campus.

All students visit the honor Room

Subsequently, the security detachment leader Wang Tao introduced 110 work content for the police and arranged the task for the day. Under the leadership of Zhu Hong, the preparatory instructor of the Ministry of Public Security, the police listened to the work of police, police training, traffic management, fire fighting, etc., and felt the whole day of the police.

During the whole activity, the students’ participation and enthusiasm were extremely high. Many people said that they participated in the activities as a police officer and had zero-distance contact with public security work. The experience, just a day’s work, let them sigh the front line of the police, “It’s not easy,” the years are quiet, because of the police, but also let them pay a tribute to the police profession.

Students receive activity tasks

The Public Security Bureau of China Aviation Academy has continuously strengthened the construction of the three bases. According to its own characteristics, it has carried out a number of activities close to the teachers and students. In order to attract more students to participate in this recruitment experience, in the early stage, the campus network red instructor Zhu Hong was the image spokesperson, and the posters, the campus official blog, the official micro and other forms were widely advertised, and more than 50 people were attracted on the same day. College students are actively enrolled. The activity used a panoramic and full-featured experience to popularize the public security business and security knowledge, and received enthusiastic responses from students and society. The relevant person in charge said that in the later stage, police and civilian interaction will be carried out in more forms, so that the legal system and safety concept will be integrated into the whole process of educating people.

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