The Philippines has also arrested 26 Chinese citizens. The Chinese Embassy has made representations.

Xinhuanet Manila, February 11 (Reporter Zhao Jiemin) A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines confirmed on the 11th that the Philippine Immigration Bureau arrested illegal stagnation, illegal employment and illegal business in the 999 shopping mall in Manila on the same day. Detained 26 Chinese citizens.

Zhang Hua, spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, said that after receiving the report, the consular counselor and the insured official immediately went to the site to visit the detained Chinese citizens and made representations to the Philippines. Immediately release the formalities to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.

He said that the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines will closely follow the case and provide relevant consular protection and services to the detainees.

Recently, the Philippine Immigration Bureau has repeatedly arrested Chinese citizens in the Chinese area of ​​the Philippine Capital for the same reason. On January 15 this year, immigration officials arrested 28 Chinese citizens and Chinese in a shopping mall in Pasay, Metro Manila, and took them to the Immigration Bureau to verify their residency status. The next day, 12 people were released.

On December 11, last year, the Philippine Immigration Bureau arrested 77 Chinese citizens on two illegal shopping malls in Chinatown, Manila. After the Chinese Embassy and local Chinese business organizations jointly negotiated with the Philippine Immigration Bureau, 72 people were released.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan

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