The glass house is like a castle in the forest.

The rural evacuation is in the northern part of Mexico City, with a new glass greenhouse. This is an existing living space, an extension based on an abandoned tennis court. Designed by Lorenzo · Alvarez, the glasshouse is a bright, airy living space that includes five rooms in a glass house. It is built with stone, wood, steel and glass, taking the same shape as greenhouse plants and people.

The glass greenhouse is your living space. Includes leisure, dining, entertainment, gardening, and bedroom. Its occupants retired to sleep in the main room. The inspirational glasshouse comes from the imagination of an early British greenhouse. Its shape and materials recall the image of the family workshops of the past few centuries, but the implementation has a modern feel. Warm, wood floors and mid-century furniture A modern experience. The result is a contemplative space, a place to relax and entertain guests. Whether it’s day or night, this is a fantastic space with wildlife around.

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