The French 70-year-old woman was arrested for theft. It was actually a crime of more than 700 times.

[Global Network Reporter Wang Zhantao] According to a report by the French “European Times” on November 6, a 72-year-old French woman was arrested for theft and will be tried in a Paris court. After investigation, she was actually a thief who was suspected of burglary for more than 700 times.

According to a person from the Ministry of Justice, the old man was arrested in Paris on October 29, and the police found more than a thousand stolen goods from the toy store and 40,000 euros in his home. RMB 317,000) cash. She will be tried in the local criminal court in early 2019.

The report said that in mid-October 2018, the head of a wooden toy store in the 17th district of Paris reported the case to the police. The owner claimed to have identified 18 toys stolen from his store on a website that were sold online by a personal account.

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