The competition in the large screen market is fierce, and the laser projection is in focus.

Can the big screen LCD be strong?

The display screen has grown larger in recent years.

Whether it’s a mobile phone or a LCD TV, or a desktop monitor, the size of the screen is constantly being upgraded. In the past, some people thought that the 4 inch screen of the mobile phone was enough. But it turns out that the phone screen is now less than 5 inches and there is already a feeling of OUT. The same is true for the display. The 21.5-inch product has already been configured as a door. Now many netizens have locked a 32-inch display. In the past, this was a TV position. It can be seen that the pursuit of size by consumers has not been stagnant.

So what about the size upgrade in the living room area? We all know that today’s 32-inch TVs are rare, and 50-inch has even become an entry-level choice for many homes. LCD TVs of 55-inch or larger are not expensive. Therefore, many families have upgraded the equipment in the living room, and the big screen has become an important element. So how can the market demand for continued growth be met? Will larger LCD TVs be popular?

However, a company recently acquired by Apple has implemented MicroLED technology, which has self-luminous display characteristics, and each pixel can be individually driven to emit light. Advantages include high brightness and low power consumption. Small size, ultra high resolution and color saturation. Compared with the OLED technology, which is also a self-luminous display, the MicroLED is not only efficient but also has a long life. The material is not easily affected by the environment and is relatively stable, and can also avoid image sticking, but softness. And flexibility is inferior to OLED. In the future, this technology may also become a weapon for the big screen market.

From the current state of view, laser TV is the best economy, and it can now achieve a price of more than 20,000 yuan, although it is still relatively expensive, but after all, than the large screen LCD screen and LED The stitching screen is much cheaper. And the low power consumption of the laser projector, high color gamut, and the delicate appearance of the screen are also obvious. I believe that in the field of large screens, the projector will have real development in the future.

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