Subversion, innovation, full coverage Ashimadun new hood big guess

In the first half of 2017, ASD Denton held the 2017 Paris Kitchen and Bathroom New Product Launch Conference in Paris, France. It was the first in the industry to promote the Chinese manufacturing of the kitchen appliance industry for the first time overseas. Recently, Ashland released a notice that it will hold a “Sea of ​​Heaven” feast in Sanya, Hainan, to win the future National Distributors Summit, and will launch a mysterious new product.

At the press conference in Paris, the double-boiled water heater and a net hood were a big hit, and they were well received by the market once they were launched. After a series of floor-to-market marketing activities such as “New Product Promotion Conference,” “New Product Promotion,” “President Shili,” the two new products have been greatly promoted. Not only has sales created one record after another, but also made consumers’ brand recognition of Astonyton reach a new height. That time, Hainan Sanya’s “Haitian Feast” to win the future, what surprises are waiting for us?

In the preview video and e-invitation, we saw the information of “subversion, “innovation,” and “full coverage” of three keywords. It can be inferred that The new product of Poetanton should be a brand new range hood. This hood has subverted all the hoods on the market and broke the appearance of the side hood, ceiling suction, integrated stove and other hoods. The innovation of Ashden’s range hood market, the smog of the hood, opens up a new category of hood industry. This new product covers all the pain points of consumers, solves the smoke of smoke machine, slow smoke absorption, long distance of oil smoke, etc. All questions.

Golden Horse Emperor, famous actor, film director & mdash; — Chen Jianbin once again joined hands with ASD. The first three-minute sales advertisement for the kitchen appliance industry, the three-minute advertisement of fried pepper starring Chen Jianbin. Presumably, this new product should be cooperated with the movie emperor. The same model as the movie emperor is the best test of product quality.

Austin’s new product, has not yet released the aura that has been recommended by the film, will be released when What kind of grand occasion is displayed in front of everyone? What kind of subversive innovation is in appearance? What is the hood that can solve all the problems of consumers?

All questions are at 11.28 on Ashland’s “Sea of ​​Heaven” feast for a win-win future.

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