Struggling for seven or eight years, bought a suite, the result…..

As a foreigner, I struggled for seven or eight years, bought a 130m2 three-bedroom apartment, and began to decorate in February of the 16th year. I am engaged in scientific research, understand some indoor decoration pollution, formaldehyde exceeding the standard hazard, all decoration The materials are environmentally friendly and the renovation is completed in four months. Although it is 100% environmentally friendly material, I also opened the window for several months after the insurance. After that, the family of three stayed. In fact, this is the beginning of my nightmare!!!

After staying for one month, the 3-year-old girl coughed and had a fever every other time. She didn’t care that she was blowing the air conditioner until she was allergic to her. I checked the allergens before I knew that it was formaldehyde poisoning. My wife and I were caught off guard at the time. Although we all know the harm of formaldehyde, I didn’t expect the 0 formaldehyde environmental protection materials and ventilation drying room that the business promoted did not prevent the excessive standard of formaldehyde detection. I can’t accept it. It turns out that the whole family has always lived in such a serious environment with excessive formaldehyde. The health of the family is threatened. It is like a slap in the face and let me suddenly wake up! In addition to formaldehyde, the choice of environmentally friendly furniture and air-conditioned rooms can not solve the problem, only formaldehyde. “ There is no fear.

Blindly removing formaldehyde is bound to be difficult

I hope everyone will not blindly believe that 0 formaldehyde Decoration materials, our family are environmentally friendly materials, the results are not exceeding the standard, sad reminder!!! Since then, as long as the weather allows, the home still maintains 24-hour ventilation, I have time to search the Internet for a good way to remove formaldehyde, the recommended method is varied, green Planting, activated carbon, titanium dioxide photocatalyst, etc., my governance strategy is used in several ways, multi-pronged not only use one, it is effective at the beginning.

However, after more than a month, the formaldehyde value rose again, which made me angry. Later I learned that the common activated carbon on the market is waste charcoal. In addition, the photocatalyst needs light, and the family can’t satisfy it. I entered the dead end for a while!

I once gave up, and I plan to rent a house for the sake of my child, but there is a new turn. In the community owner group, several of the owners and friends introduced me to the “painting air purification functional coating,” “Net cubic air purification treasure. They used these two products to control the indoor pollution. The most important thing is that the product has a long-lasting decomposition effect of formaldehyde.

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