Some use artificial intelligence technology

Some use artificial intelligence technology, which is also self-learning for user-defined defect categories, which can be accurately classified according to extremely small differences in defect categories, and reliably classify different defects detected. IFD300’s advanced defect classification capabilities greatly enhance the entire process of quality monitoring, product grading and process improvement.

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We can build a defect database and include a comprehensive defect database of all defect features such as defect images and defect locations. We can improve the detection of defects. classification.

Intelligent output of test results

This is also the result of the test. We can use the external alarm light or other external alarm device to prompt the user, through the form, graphics, etc. It is viewed. Machine intelligence software can automatically analyze and analyze the data in this part, and generate relevant trend curves and charts.

We need to know more sets of combined light, multi-station, multi-camera combination, automatic assembly line, servo motor horizontal movement.

Classic machine vision case:

1. Cell phone hard glass plate inspection: detecting glass plate chipping, scratching, black spots, light transmission, edging, crushing, etc. /p>

Second, character defect detection: detection of characters, LOGO, logo and other missing, broken, foreign objects, color unevenness, etc. printed on the product.

3. Appearance detection of the outer casing of the mobile phone: detecting the BP surface and the outer side of the mobile phone (including the side and the rounded corners), crushing, scratching, color, impurities, bright spots, convex hull, corrosion point, sand pressure Injury and so on.

4, logo surface flaw detection: notebook, tablet and mobile phone, can detect the surface of the logo surface bumps, scratches, pitting, white spots, material lines, convex hull, grinding marks, orange peel, etc. Wait.
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