Several high-value choices for stainless steel entry doors

Since the entrance door is the first gateway to enter the house, of course, its anti-theft performance is higher, so many decoration friends usually choose security door products in the selection of the entrance door. Here, Xiaobian strongly recommends stainless steel entry doors. Especially the Foshan stainless steel door, the reason why the stainless steel door is selected as the entrance door is mainly because the stainless steel door has the advantages of beautiful appearance, no rust, strong anti-theft performance and the like. The stainless steel entry door serves as the facade of the house, and its style and appearance are very important. Choosing a beautifully-looking stainless steel door can greatly improve the grade of the house. The following small series introduces several stainless steel entry doors with good values.

Rose Gold Free pattern polished stainless steel single door

This stainless steel single door adopts rose gold free-grain color stainless steel plate, seamless production process, with anti-theft and anti-smashing locks, with decorative strips and “Fu” word door in the middle, the appearance is elegant and simple, more suitable for use in Chinese style decoration environment.

Stainless steel Korean mother-child door

In the case of a large door opening, ordinary The single door leaf can’t satisfy the practical and aesthetic sense of the whole building. At this time, the son-in-law door is put to use, which not only makes the whole building look more hierarchical, but also facilitates every user’s access. It is not difficult to find out through the picture of the mother-in-law. This name is still very image, mainly because it is a relatively large door, and there is a relatively small door in it. Therefore, such a name is particularly appropriate. The stainless steel Korean-style mother-gate sheet is made of 8K black titanium brushed in the style of Korean, so it is also called Korean-style door. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful fingerprint lock, which makes the door have a modern minimalist style. Has a strong anti-theft function.

Stainless steel white cracked paint Roman column double door

The following double door is in The use of colored stainless steel plates is based on the production process of white cracked paint. The Roman columns on the left and right sides and the arched design on the top are typical features of European style. Many people prefer to use European style when building villas. This stainless steel white cracked lacquered Roman column double doors, full of dignified elegance, noble and gorgeous, is the best choice for the giants.

Look at the design of the above-mentioned doors, you see the official Whether you start to feel the heart, in fact, you want to make a stainless steel entrance door with beautiful appearance and good quality.It is very important to choose a good manufacturer and brand. If you want to see more stainless steel door styles, you can visit the official website of Wang.

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