“Seven days no reason to return” refinement, urge the floor industry e-commerce perfect service

Floor and other furniture without reason to return difficult to implement

For the introduction of the new rules for ‘seven days no reason to return’, most furniture brands including flooring agree that ‘seven days no reason to return’ applies to standardization Products, such as switches, sockets, ceramic tiles, wood flooring and other building materials hardware; for tableware, flooring and other non-standard products are relatively difficult to implement. At the same time, it is understood that the new regulations point out that there is no reason to return the ‘freight is borne by consumers’, but the disassembly and packaging of household products such as flooring require professional operation. If consumers do not have certain technical strength, it is very difficult to operate. In addition, consumer self-pay returns involve ‘logistics fees and packaging fees’, of which logistics costs account for about 10%-15% of the transaction price of the product, packaging costs account for about 5%, so the return cost will be high.

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After industry analysts pointed out that for consumers In terms of the seven-day unreasonable return of the hard condition is that the buyer bears the return shipping cost, which seems to be fair to both the buyer and the seller. However, the furniture such as the floor is not like the clothing, shoes and other goods, the logistics cost is hundreds of dollars. Once there is no reason to return, it means that consumers have to lose hundreds of dollars in freight for no reason, and they have to disassemble and contact workers to carry out contact logistics. This often leads consumers to ‘drop their teeth and swallow their stomachs’. Or find a seller to compensate for some of the costs. Finally, the legal protection becomes a ‘beautiful bubble’.

Improve the floor e-commerce to improve the service

Huang Jianhua said that after the new elimination method was introduced The State Administration for Industry and Commerce has formulated two departmental regulations, one is to implement consumer complaints, and the other is to measure the quality of goods in the circulation field, and to refine the relevant provisions of the new law. ‘However, what kind of products Belong to good, what product The nature of the goods does not belong to the category of ‘seven days without reason to return’, and there is still no need for detailed regulations. Now there are some online merchants that infinitely expand the scope of goods that are not unreasonable to return goods, almost consumers should enjoy ‘seven days There is no reason to return ‘the right to overhead, the list is very large, and urgently need to be standardized.’ Huang Jianhua said.

For the development of floor e-commerce, the ‘seven-day no reason to return’ refinement, will It is hard to push the floor e-commerce to perfect the service. Indeed, although it is more difficult to implement the ‘seven-day no-reason return’ for the large piece of furniture such as the floor, as the consumers gradually grasp the right to speak in the market, online shopping has gradually become a general trend, and China has entered the service type. If the society and the floor enterprises do not want to be eliminated by the society in this context, it is urgent to improve the service after the online shopping disputes occur, so as to minimize the damage to the interests of consumers.

For ‘seven days no reason to return’ The new regulations, most furniture brands including the flooring industry, agree that ‘seven days no reason to return’ applies to standardized products, such as switches, sockets, ceramic tiles and other building materials and hardware; for table, floor and other non-standardized products . It is relatively difficult to implement

Date: 2015/11/6 11:29:58

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