Seniors apartment building in Beech Grove, Ohio

American construction developers set up a $10 million senior apartment in Beech Grove, Ohio. This senior apartment requires residents aged 55 or older (including 55) to qualify. Mayor Dennis · Barkley and the building developer at the end of Wednesday morning at the Beech Forest scene, witnessed the construction of the elderly apartment. Mayor Dennis · Barkley said: “The bedding forest apartment for the elderly is an outstanding example of helping people improve their community life, especially to improve the quality of life of older people. ”

The high-rise apartment housing in Beech Forest aims to attract low-income and middle-income seniors. Each house has two bedrooms and a garage. There are also community spaces nearby: courtyards, picnic areas, computer centers and social service areas. The elderly apartment is expected to be completed in 2015 and the date of completion is not yet determined.

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