Sabinin hosted the China Cattle Summit, and the founder of this organization was actually him.

On December 12, 2017, “ China Good Beef Annual China Niu Ren Summit was held in Shanghai. More than 1,000 elites from the Chinese cattle club gathered together to seek common development. The famous host Sabinin hosted the summit, and the Hong Kong god of food Dai Long came to the scene to interact with the Chinese cattle, and received wide attention from the mainstream media in the country.

China Cattle Summit Site

CCTV“One brother Sabinin hosted

At this summit, as The founder of the China Niu Ren Club and the first rotating chairman, Li Silin, the chairman of Luxi Fei Niu, took the time to attend and won the “China Good Beef Lifetime Honor Award”, which is highly recognized by the top Chinese cattle and sheep industry. The newly appointed Chinese Niu Ren Club Vice Chairman Wang Feng and You Zhongshou took his hand deeply, “This is a kind of gratitude, but also a heritage!”

Li Silin won the “China Good Beef Lifetime Honor Award”

Li Silin, President of Lu Xi Fei Niu, founder of China Niu Ren Club

Li Silin, male, born in Shandong, was born in August 1978, member of China Democratic National Construction Association, university degree, Tsinghua University EMBA, currently serves as Chairman of the Luxi Fat Niu Industrial Development Group, and also serves as Chairman of the Founding Presidium of the China Confucian Chamber of Commerce, Vice President of the Hot Pot Special Committee of the China Hotel Association, Vice President of the Chongqing Shandong Chamber of Commerce, and Vice President of the Chongqing Hot Pot Association. .

Its Luxi Fei Niu Industrial Development Group, which combines modern science and technology agriculture, ecological sightseeing and animal husbandry, Luxi yellow cattle breeding and breeding, high-grade beef cattle fattening processing, food production and sales, brand restaurant chain and logistics trade. As one. In 2016, the total output value of upstream and downstream industries and national chain stores exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, with more than 6,500 employees. Luxi fat cattle, Rong Hao “ China beef leader brand, “China’s top ten leading enterprises in cattle and sheep industry,” China’s top ten hot pot brands, jointly rated by Xinhuanet, People’s Daily Overseas Edition and other units as 2016 “Asian brand 500 Strong.

Luxi fat cow Rongrong“Asian brand top 500

In 2002, Li Silin exalted his hometown north latitude 35 & deg; world gold beef cattle & minus; Shandong Luxi yellow cattle flag, to create a world-class high-end beef food with Japan’s Kobe and cattle, the United States Angus cattle, create a domestic fertilizer The cattle category is the endorsement of Chinese famous cattle, which has created a new era for Chinese beef enterprises from farm to table. It has refreshed the world’s good beef and good Chinese hot pot.

Luxi Beef Self-built Ecological Breeding Base

For more than a decade, Li Silin has successively established the three major beef restaurant chains and the cattle and sheep warehouse beef specialty store of Luxi Beef, Cowboy Family and Chaoniu Manor, covering Chinese and Western food and opening a closed loop of beef food from the table to the table. The supply chain system covering the entire range of products has gradually improved the industry chain from farm to table. Now it has more than 330 chain restaurants distributed in 165 cities across the country, which can produce 100,000 beef cattle breeding production bases and more than 50 ecological pastures.

National layout of Luxi beef cattle

In July 2014, he co-founded a group of industry celebrities such as Ma Guangsheng, Ma Haizeng, Sun Yongli, Yang Zhengang, Yinfei, Gong Peng, etc., who initiated the establishment of the “China Niu Ren Club” and became the largest cattle and sheep industry in China. The alliance platform covers all aspects of cattle and sheep industry breeding, processing, sales and international trade. It has developed more than 1,000 corporate members and was elected as the first rotating chairman. It has made positive contributions to the integration process of China’s cattle and sheep industry.

Half a year before the annual Niu Rensheng meeting, Li Silin and other terms expired. He and Ma Haizeng and other old ones will transfer the baton to the more level and ability of Ma Guangsheng, Wang Feng and You Zhongshou. The Presidium hopes and encourages them to lead the country’s cattle people to create greater glory! Together, encourage them, “Symbols pass by, there is a long way to go, don’t forget the beginning of the heart, and move forward to create a better tomorrow for the Chinese cattle and sheep industry!

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