Russian wooden structure pavilion at the 2015 Milan World Expo

Russia has released works to participate in the 2015 Milan World Expo. As the most successful Expo pavilion in Russia, the wooden structure pavilion has a clear outline with a mirror cover extending 30 meters from the main entrance of the pavilion.

The main designer of the pavilion, Sergei Zhuoban, said: “The main challenge in developing design is To create an extraordinary building echoes the development trend of contemporary architecture. Our basic starting point is a simple and memorable architectural structure combined with the appearance of sustainable, ecologically sound materials. But the equally important task in our building development is to inject the essence of Russia into the design. & rdquo;
Russia has a vast forest landscape. So, as we have embodied in the design, by formulating its woody elements, with its rich forest cover and gentle changes, and with the tradition of Russian wooden architecture, all come together to create a modest, but bold Architectural works.

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