Russia will set up a joint strategic headquarters to safeguard the interests of the Arctic

People’s Daily Online, Moscow, February 17 According to the Russian News Agency, senior officials of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces revealed that Russia will merge the Northern Fleet with the Army Arctic Brigade to form a new Northern Fleet —— Joint Strategic Command . In addition, some Russian Air Forces, air defense units and command agencies will also be included in the department.

The news pointed out that the main purpose of forming a new department is to safeguard Russia’s interests in the Arctic, including the maintenance of Russian northern sea lanes, the protection of fishery resources, oil and gas resources in northern Russia and the security of northern Russia.

The new department will have the status of the Russian military region, although this is not reflected in the name. Therefore, Russia will still retain the four major military regions, but also includes the newly established Northern Fleet —— Joint Strategic Command. The new department is affiliated with the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and the Russian Ministry of Defence and will be under the command of the Russian Defense Command Center in the future. The highest commander of the Joint Strategy Command is the commander of the Northern Fleet Vladimir · General Korolev, who was directly commanded by the Russian Defense Minister.

He said that documents for the establishment of a new department are being prepared and will be formed by the end of 2014.

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