Rococo 2019 Imagination Conference is about to kick off, empowering companies with imagination

At 13:30 on March 22, 2019, the second [Imagination Conference] of LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group (hereinafter referred to as “Rococo”) will be held in Beijing · Hyatt Regency Wangjing.

The venture capital database CB Insights has spent more than three years studying various types in 2014. In the case of failure, one of the main reasons for the failure of the startup was the lack of market demand. 17% of the startups said they lacked a business model, and the recognition of their own products was not good enough.

Although the statistics are specific, most of the ratios of closures given are inferior to the baseline of 50%. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about half of new businesses can survive for five years or more, and 33% of them can survive for 10 years or more.

Of course, for those who want to create a career, knowing the number of failed companies is of little significance. The key is to learn from the failures of others and avoid recidivism.

Top 10 reasons for startup failure

Lack of market (49%); marketing is not strong (23%); insufficient funds (17%); failed to expand (13%); lack of business model (12%); products are difficult to achieve (9%); Product is not strong (8%); team/investor has problems (8%); lack of focus (8%); dependent on third parties (4%).

This shows that one of the main reasons for the failure of B2B (44%) and B2C (50%) startups is the lack of market demand, that is, no one can pay for your product or service. If the market doesn’t exist, even the best team with the best products will fail.

Why is this happening? Why do entrepreneurs make mistakes again and again?

With regard to startups, some people joked that: “Every 10 start-ups have 11 bankruptcies. I don’t want my startup to be one of them, no one wants it. I thought I knew everything …… or at least in the process of creating a startup, I learned why. Jason Huertas, author of “My startup is bankrupt,” said that this is very common, he wrote:

“ You think you understand everything. After all, in your mind, you have succeeded. So who cares what other people say. You fight this idea every day …… you don’t know anything about it.

We surveyed 12 industries and found nine key points that companies are most concerned about.

LKK Rococo surveyed 12 customer representatives from different industries in early 2019 and distributed 180 copies. The questionnaires were conducted one-on-one interviews, and finally 169 valid interview questionnaires were obtained, including new industrial equipment, new medical health, new intelligent hardware, new life consumption, new smart travel, robot design, empty net product design, New energy product design, pregnancy and baby product design and other industries, trying to find the latest enterprise user needs.

The 9 points that companies are most concerned about in the economic situation of 2019:

Market trends (70%); transformation and upgrading (50%); brand marketing (49%); explosion product creation (design, marketing) (47%); user experience / service experience (45%); design + R&D supply Chain (33%); new consumption scenarios: retail (33%); technological innovation (32%); customized services (19%).

It can be seen that with the arrival of the capital winter and the 5G era in 2019, the business world is undergoing a tremendous transformation, and the following changes have taken place in the areas of corporate concern:

1,70 Companies around % are paying more and more attention to market demand.

2, users gradually become the main force to determine products and determine innovation, and future enterprises will provide user-centered platform services.

3, the company’s design + R & D and innovation capabilities will gradually become the core competitiveness of enterprises from the marginalization of the past.

4. In 2018, enterprises generally have weak growth. In 2019, if enterprises are to get out of the predicament, they must carry out transformation and upgrading and technological innovation.

In the next 10 years, how can each organization break through the bottleneck and gain social innovation?

Welcome to Rococo [2019 Imagination Conference] to find the answer together.

Rococo [2019 Imagination Conference] invites you to influence the industry with imagination on the eve of change The tide of the upgrade, seize the direction of the hidden tide, around the “transition, transformation, change, and talk about the new business landscape.” Imagine the digital plate displacement, reach the new world of the industry, and work together to design a beautiful world.

At the same time, LKK Rococo brought its innovative design exhibition [New Species Design Exhibition] to the 2019 Imagination Conference, which is a new appearance, cognitive subversion, species upgrading, let us look forward to it.

It is understood that the conference’s chief cooperative media, NetEase Home, will bring live webcasts to provide an inspiring platform for entrepreneurs who cannot be present.

ActivityFor this exclusive ticketing partner, we provide ticketing support for this event.

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