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The situation in the children’s furniture market in China is that although the scale is not large in the entire furniture market, the competition is fierce. “In-depth implementation of the two-child policy, the rapid growth of the infant population, the Chinese children’s furniture market is welcoming new opportunities. The prospects for the children’s market are broad, and for companies that want to have more room for development, it is necessary to grasp this good opportunity.

With the continuous growth of domestic demand, domestic children’s furniture brands are also developing rapidly, and many brands such as I love my family and cool residence have gradually formed a certain market scale, and formed a diversified competition pattern with foreign brands. The growth rate of furniture imports has also gradually slowed down. The mainstream material for domestic children’s furniture is pine, which is soft in pine wood. It is not easy to be hurt by children’s bumps. It is also easy to shape to ensure structural safety, such as rounding and chamfering. The following is an analysis of the size of the children’s furniture market.

According to the data of the sixth national census, there are 222 million children and adolescents aged 0-14 in China. Such a huge number is undoubtedly a gold mine to be explored for children’s furniture manufacturers. The scale of the children’s furniture market shows that on the one hand, international brands are striving to tap the business opportunities in China, and on the other hand, many domestic furniture brands have high hopes for the cake of children’s furniture. However, the Chinese children’s furniture market, which is still in its primary stage of development, still needs further standardization and maturity.

Although the size of the children’s furniture market is small in the entire furniture market, competition is fierce. At present, children’s furniture of foreign brands account for 30% of the domestic market. Among the 70% market share of domestic manufacturers, only 30% own brands and 70% are in non-brand competition. Except for big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, most consumers in China do not advocate brands when purchasing children’s furniture.

Brand benefits have not yet emerged. No children’s furniture companies can now dominate the market and form a dominant position in the national market. Therefore, at present, there is no obvious causal relationship between brand, price and quality.

The domestic children’s furniture market is relatively fragmented, and low-end brands still account for a large proportion. The domestic big brand market is limited. According to 2010 data, in China’s children’s furniture market, foreign brands account for 30%, domestic brands account for 70%, of which domestic famous brands account for about 30%, and the remaining 70% are small brands or even unbranded enterprises. Judging from the grassroots research situation, the market share of domestic famous brands has been rising in recent years, showing that the brand effect has a more significant impact on the market structure.

“The in-depth implementation of the two-child policy and the rapid growth of the infant and child population have ushered in new opportunities for the Chinese children’s furniture market.

The head of the children’s furniture brand said that it is expected that children’s furniture will maintain a high growth rate of more than 10% in the future. In the face of market changes, children’s furniture companies are the most sensitive nerves, and a series of product adjustments aimed at the “two-child policy” has become the focus of every children’s furniture brand.

2017-2022 China’s children’s furniture industry market development status and investment prospects forecast report shows that there are more than 300 million children under the age of 16 in China, including 171 million under 6 years old, 7 years old to 16 years old 171 million, accounting for a quarter of the country’s population, with only one child accounting for 34% of the total number of children. However, the proportion of children’s furniture in China’s furniture market is only about 5%, and there are less than 200 professional children’s production enterprises with brands. This is highly disproportionate to the proportion of children with a population of 4/1, and vice versa, indicating the enormous potential and space for the size of the children’s furniture market.

A recent survey of domestic urban furniture market shows that about 4/10 of families have their own single-bedroom and furniture, and 46% of families have the desire to buy children’s furniture. The market scale needs to be further developed for marketable products. The key point is not the color and cartoon pattern, but the practicality, safety, ingenuity and functionality.

It is worth noting that furniture companies should investigate the type and area of ​​children’s rooms, design the type and specific area of ​​the apartment, easy to place, and arrange the functional partitions reasonably for parents to purchase. In marketing, children’s furniture placed in different sizes and areas can be displayed and promoted, and professional brochures can be produced to provide effective services for parents. For example, how to choose children’s furniture for different types of houses, how to match colors, how to place them, How to decorate, how to maintain and so on.

Nowadays, children are becoming more and more important, and competition among many furniture companies is becoming more and more fierce. Many companies are constantly exploring new markets, and the market for children’s furniture is gradually being developed. However, there are no clear rules in the market, competition is becoming more and more chaotic, and the huge potential of the children’s furniture market is also well known.

Children in the current social environment have become a concern for the family. Nowadays, children have been paid attention to by several generations. Now, under the enormous pressure of buying a home loan, parents will still choose the right child. Children’s furniture, in the tight budget, many parents are not serious about buying, the prospects of the children’s market are broad, for companies that want more room for development, it is necessary to grasp this good opportunity.

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