Released a new generation of artificial intelligence principles of governance responsible development of artificial intelligence

In recent years, the rapid development of artificial intelligence, are profoundly changing human social life, change the world. However, the law on artificial intelligence, ethics, social management dispute has cropped up. In order to promote the healthy development of a new generation of artificial intelligence, in February this year, the National Professional Committee of a new generation of artificial intelligence governance (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) was established to actively promote artificial intelligence global governance. Today (17), the Commission issued “a new generation of artificial intelligence principles of governance – the development of responsible Artificial Intelligence” (hereinafter referred to as the principle of governance), put forward a framework and guide for artificial intelligence governance. The development of artificial intelligence documents related parties put forward what principles should be followed? AI regulatory developments will play what role? After the official website of the Ministry of Science open call for proposals, the experts repeated discussions, parties and other sectors comments CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , this broad consensus among the “governance principles” released on the 17th. “Governance principles” outstanding “responsible development of artificial intelligence,” the theme emphasizes the harmony and friendly, fair, inclusive and sharing, respect for privacy, security control, sharing eight principles of responsibility, open collaboration, agile governance. Where respect for privacy is the issue of widespread concern. “Governance principles” put forward, artificial intelligence development should respect and protect personal privacy, and fully protect the individual’s right to know and to choose. In all aspects of the collection, storage, processing, use and other personal information should be set borders, establish a standard. Improving the personal data authorization revocation mechanism against any theft, tampering, leakage and other acts of unlawful collection and use of personal information. A new generation of professional members of the State Commission for Artificial Intelligence Governance Zeng Yi, said: “Especially this one to come up with such guidelines in which it fully explained the attitude of important scientific and technological development of China from the details view CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright [. 123], such as the data of personal information collected against any theft, tampering, leakage, illegal use of personal information collected, the attitude is very clear. and to perfect the concept of such personal data authorized revocation mechanism is in fact the world’s leading very . “the rapid development of artificial intelligence, a relatively lengthy legislative process in a timely manner is difficult to catch up. To this end, “governance principles” raised in particular the principle of agile governance requirements in promoting innovation and development of artificial intelligence and orderly developmentAt the same time, to discover and solve the risks that may arise. National new generation of artificial intelligence governance Lan Xue, director of the Professional Committee noted that the principles of agile management for emerging technologies, to achieve development side edge treatment. Xue Lan introduction: “The key is against such emerging technologies , this needs based on its technical characteristics of progressive iteration process of governance, people-oriented, diversity and inclusiveness, so that governance along with technological development, adverse signs, when it introduced a number of measures to guide. another point, this guide and not a stick and killed. this can promote and ensure development and governance is to coordinate the promotion of the common. “currently, the guidelines issued by the world of artificial intelligence over 40, different content, some guidelines anthropocentric. A new generation of artificial intelligence and national governance Professional Committee of “governance principles” aimed at human and ecological harmony, to promote sustainable economic and social ecology. Xue Lan stressed that, unlike other countries, the relevant guidelines, “governance principles” focus on inclusive sharing. Xue Lan said: “As a developing country, we promote the development of artificial intelligence to solve some of the problems facing the development of China so there is also special emphasis on the application scenario we share with special emphasis on inclusiveness, including the elimination of regional disparities so, how. like to pay attention to vulnerable groups and so on. we hope to develop artificial intelligence can truly make a greater contribution in these areas. “” governance principles “is widely used in artificial intelligence research, users, who benefit from the organization and related governance, government Wait. A new generation of artificial intelligence professional member of the National Committee of Governance Liren Han put forward three proposals on the “principles of governance” How does it work in practice: “First, governments can hope to governance principles into policy areas related to the development of artificial intelligence among second, everyone in the field of artificial intelligence to deeply understand the principles of governance, research and development projects in various fields of artificial intelligence, embedded governance principles. third, the artificial intelligence is actually very close to each person’s life, so CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , “governance principles” requires joint supervision to prevent haphazard development of artificial intelligence. “Xue Lan said,” governance principles “artificial intelligence will provide an important basis for the work of the relevant legislation, hoping to lead to more and more specific the introduction of standard specification. “Principle of governance is the principle framework of Control Engineering Copyright , is to play a major role in the healthy development of artificial intelligence macro guidance, hope principles of governance framework will lead to more and more specific normative standards promulgated, the formation of a new situation in the healthy development of artificial intelligence. We will strengthen in future research, according to the changing situation and needs, continue to refine, enrich, update, adjust the current principle. In particular, the development of artificial intelligence need to ensure that legislation, including the governance of the data and so on. This is actually governance principles provide an important basis for legislation. “Xue Lan said.

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