Pvc floor installation acceptance you must know!

Understand the standard specification of pvc floor acceptance, no need to worry about not accepting the pvc floor, and the quality of the installation project will be guaranteed. What are the standard specifications for pvc floor acceptance?

First, what is pvc floor?

refers to the floor produced using polyvinyl chloride material. Specifically, it refers to polyvinyl chloride and copolymer resin as the main raw materials, and then adding fillers, colorants, stabilizers, plasticizers, etc. as auxiliary materials, on the continuous substrate of the sheet, after coating process or calendering and extrusion Produced by extrusion, extrusion and other processes.

Second, pvc floor covering

1. The surface of the plastic board is made of plastic sheet and plastic sheet, and the plastic sheet is coated with adhesive on the cement base layer. Laid.

2. The selected adhesive should comply with the current national standard “Code for Indoor Environmental Pollution Control of Civil Construction Projects” GB 50325. The product is required to be in accordance with the compatibility of the material of the base layer and the material of the top layer, and then determined by experiments.

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Third, pvc floor acceptance standard specification

1) pvc floor acceptance standard specification–master project

1. The type, specification, color, and grade of the plastic plate and coil used in the pvc surface layer must conform to the design. Requirements and standards established by the current state.

Inspection method: We can observe the inspection and inspection of the material’s qualification documents and test reports.

2. The surface layer and the next layer Bonding should be firmly adhered, and there should be no occurrence of curling, degumming, spilling, etc.

Inspection method: Visual inspection and tapping with a small hammer can be used to check with a steel ruler.

Note: The area of ​​the partial degumming of the coil should not be more than 20cm2, and the spacing between them should not be less than 50cm; the local degumming position of the corners of the single block and each natural room (standard Do not exceed 5% of the total.

2) indoor pvc Construction acceptance criteria–general items

pvc floor should keep its surface clean, the ground pattern is clear, the color is the same, the joints of the plates are tight and beautiful, and the patterns and patterns of the seams are required to match each other. There is no glue mark; the connection with the wall edge is strict, and the edge of the yin and yang angle is square.

Test method: Perform visual inspection.

Welding and weld between plates should be maintained It is flat and smooth, and requires defects such as no discoloration, spots, welds and scales. Its allowable deviation can be ±0.6mm, and the tensile strength of the weld can not be less than 75% of the strength of the plastic plate. P>

Inspection method: Perform visual inspection and check the inspection report.

The material used for the edging requires accurate size, neat corners, straight seams and tight seams.

Inspection method: Use steel ruler and visual inspection.

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