Purification methods of household water purifier which

Household water purifiers it means to carry out advanced treatment of drinking water drinking water equipment. Household water purifiers beginning in the 1960 era, the beginning of the 1970s fashionable, ever the same so far. Especially in the 20th century, the United States has a deposit was first discovered in drinking water disinfection byproducts beginning, as this self-protection equipment at home, many American homes beginning of the installation and application.

Domestic water purifier way – Type Details

1, PP cotton filter element purifier : that is equipped with a wide range of single cylinder PP cotton filter core water purifiers, the device is generally cheap. But after easily clog the filter, replace them higher frequencies, worrying too much precision is also not very high, this is only for basic worrying too much water, not for immediate consumption.

2 composite sintered activated carbon purifier: misplaced key material is activated carbon rod. Activated carbon is generally baked bars of the active carbon powder of different particle sizes and high temperature bonding materials.

3, RO reverse osmosis water: water purifier capable of removing harmful substances completely, after the water is also removed together with the mineral, the mineral water is clean water. Working pressure of water less than its pressure booster pumps must therefore, must rely on power engineering and work pressure. It is deeply flawed to say the sewage is more and more often to filter out 60% of the top and bottom of the sewage. Its high cost of cleaning fees, water production rate less than normal.

4, net drink machine, no anti-cloth imports, Japan reverse osmosis membrane, complex designs misplaced inlet coconut shell activated carbon, the water can be reasonably filter out bacteria, and hydrogen, microbial pathogenesis major pest, external plastic water bottle can prevent thousands of boiling water to drink excessive heavy metal. Guarantee to keep drinking water clean drinking straight or the actual effect of integrated design, to avoid contamination.

5, ultrafiltration: ultrafiltration to remove the water purifier can be reasonably sand, suspended solids, rust, bacteria, and some of the colloidal solution and other biological macromolecular organic compound, it is possible to save a reasonable some people beneficial minerals, and other nutrients. It depends advantage over long-term use of the filter, water flow, without having to power up the charging pressure, and relative to other fume purification is concerned, the lower the cost of fees, it is fit for the purpose of clean drinking water. It is a big drawback for air and organic metal cadmiumNo effect completely remove contaminants.

household water purification way – Principle

Activated Carbon: more common, use the substance, coal, stone (nuclear) and other chemical substances based on carbon chemistry or physics activity to law and order . It has very much microplates and bulk density, and therefore the ability to work with a strong adsorption, organic air pollutants can reasonably adsorbed water. In addition to activity in the whole process, the amorphous form the position of the surface of the activated carbon have some oxygen functional groups, such groups includes activated carbon adsorption of organic chemistry and photo catalytic oxygen, oxidation, removal of water can be reasonably certain metals material positive ions.

ro RO: this technical separated, the operating pressure such manner according to the generated water film, the film according to only allow pure water, and air pollutants to be removed. Selection of R / O reverse osmosis technology, the US government and NASA is spending billions of dollars on the market to address drinking water problems astronauts, after many years of hard work carefully developed a new technology results. The high cost of fees, appropriate water quality weaker regions.

MULTIPLE: When this process can not remove harmful substances in the water, use of about two or two kinds of process that is complex. The activated carbon filter, ultraviolet sterilization, activated carbon filter, RO reverse osmosis, activated carbon filters, micro misplaced (ultrafiltration), polypropylene ultra-fine fibers, carbon tim live micro misplaced (ultrafiltration) and the like. In the water purifier of the composite, the composite membrane separation technique is excellent in water purification water purification characteristics, is removed Microorganisms (bacteria, algae, etc.) have a more significant level of the actual effect, which is excellent in some net mass effluent water can be drunk directly, access to many customers for the warm welcome, the direction of the water purifier has become today’s development.

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